Regarding image credits/rights...

I spend countless hours doing research for this website, and a huge part of that is searching for photos. I make every effort to obtain them directly from the source, and will always credit the source when I can reliably determine what the source is. People crop photos and remove watermarks/add their own watermarks all the time, which can make this pretty difficult. Nevertheless, I try to operate as professionally as I'm able. You'll find that I embed images from stock photography websites from time to time (typically using Getty Images' own embedding tool, or linking to images from royalty-free sources like Wikimedia Commons), and I've even purchased licenses for some of the photos I use on the site.

With all that being said, if you find that I'm using an image that you either took personally or own the rights to in a manner that you find inappropriate, PLEASE contact me at the email address below. I'll happily provide credit where credit is due, and/or compensation for licensing when able (keep in mind, I literally make zero dollars from this website!), or remove photos if there's no other solution. I have a hand in numerous creative projects of my own that are largely driven by promotion and/or passive income, so screwing photographers out of recognition/money is the LAST thing I'd ever want to do.

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