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Youtube Cover of the Week (6/11): Runaway + Ghosts Tab

Posted on June 11, 2018 at 12:30 PM

Runaway saw some very minor updates on both parts with this latest re-recording. For the first part, I actually just reused my original guitar track for almost the entire song, and made one small overdub for the part that changed (the build-up from the end of the bridge into the last chorus):

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For the second part, I was never happy with how I handled it the first time around, because I cut off the fade-out of the harmonics from the "real" guitar part early every time I switched to the additional guitar work I added. This take fixes that, and also adds some more improv stuff during the verses:

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You also may notice that I updated the Runaway tab slightly to account for how long the harmonics are sustained over the top of the chorus riff. In other tab-related news, I did a tab for Ghosts, the latest song released from Post Traumatic. Not a lot of guitar in it, but it's done! I'm pretty happy that I've managed to stay on top of these songs as they've been released, because it means when the full album comes out later this week I'll only have a maximum of 8 more songs to do.

I'll be re-recording In the End this week. Sometime in the middle of next week, I'll also be uploading a video that goes through my entire recording process, as it's something people have requested a few times.


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