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YouTube Cover of the Week (7/8): Hit the Floor/Tab Updates

Posted on July 8, 2019 at 2:15 AM

After largely reusing old guitar tracks for my last couple videos, this week's upload is completely re-recorded from scratch. I never liked how my original take of Hit the Floor sounded, but I think this is much better (in particular, I think I got the tone of the single-note lines MUCH closer to the original recording than I did previously):

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I've also updated a few tabs this week:

-Cure for the Itch: Changed one of the chords in the main string progression.

-Carousel: Added two guitar tracks to properly account for the fade-in at the end of the bridge, also split the rhythm guitars up in the first two choruses, as they sometimes play things slightly differently from each other.

-Step Up: Finally adjusted the rhythmic alignment of the verse clean part so it lines up properly with the beat. This also caused the addition of a staff for Guitar 1 at the end of the first and last choruses.

-And One: Changed the little interruption of the second verse where there's some string noise, as only one of the rhythm guitar tracks does it.

-High Voltage: Made note that all of the "guitar" in this song is actually sampled on Mike's MPC.

-Castle of Glass: Completely redid most of the acoustic guitar parts.

-Faint (Demo): Small adjustment of the timing of the initial fade-in at the start of the song, and also noted that it cuts off before the main riff comes in.

As I mentioned last week, since I did Hit the Floor this week, I'll be recording Forgotten for next week's video. It'll be nice to finally have good versions of everything from Hybrid Theory done!


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