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YouTube Cover of the Week (6/10): The Messenger/Tab Updates

Posted on June 10, 2019 at 3:40 PM

Now that I have a decent acoustic guitar and the means of making it sound decent on a recording (thanks to my TC Electronic BodyRez pedal), I decided to play The Messenger for this week's cover. As I mention in the video description, this is a little different than my usual cover format, as I actually used the Rock Band multitracks and took the original guitar track out of the mix and replaced it with mine:

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In addition, I've also made a big update to my tabs for the Post Traumatic album! The affected songs are as follows:

-Nothing Makes Sense Anymore: The last chorus/outro is different from what I had originally.

-Promises I Can't Keep: The lead guitar does a downward slide at the end of both sections it plays.

-Hold It Together: Minor update, fixed a mistake where I copy/pasted a part in a spot that it didn't belong.

-Ghosts: Completely redid this one. There are no octave guitars like I originally thought, however there's a guitar with an EBow that appears in one spot, as well as a recurring line of natural harmonics that appears in a large portion of the song.

-Make It Up As I Go: Guitar 1 plays a syncopated, palm-muted part under the second verse that I missed originally. Adding this to the tab also necessitated double-spacing everything else.

-Lift Off: Downsized from five guitar tracks to four. Guitars 3 and 4 also play a different part from what I originally thought.

-Running from My Shadow: Lots of changes to this one. Guitar count increased from 9 to 10, as there's a guitar in the second verse (Guitar 4) that I didn't notice before. Guitar 1 also doesn't play in the second verse, Guitar 5's part is significantly different from what I had before, and the majority of the outro is played by Guitars 7 and 8, rather than the lead part and chords being split up like I had before. Guitars 9 and 10 only play the descending pull-off part at the end of every other line of the outro.

-World's On Fire: Added a new tab for this one, as there's some guitar in the last chorus that I didn't notice before.

-Can't Hear You Now: Same thing as Hold It Together, just fixed a copy-paste mistake.

I've built up a pretty big backlog of tab updates that I need to do, so I'll be getting to those ASAP. I've still got one more song filmed for next week, and I'm planning on having more ready by the following week so I can continue with my weekly schedule.


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