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Youtube Cover of the Week (5/7): Good Goodbye + Tab Updates

Posted on May 7, 2018 at 6:20 PM

As promised, after taking the month of April off, I'm resuming uploading videos this week. There have been a lot of multitrack files surfacing in the LP community lately, which has necessitated redoing several tabs and adding more stuff to my video to-do list! Today's update tackles a bit of both. I redid Good Goodbye this week, which covers some changes to both of the "main" guitar parts I covered previously, as well as a third guitar part that I didn't discover until hearing the multitrack (I also added some additional stuff to my video for that part, since it would otherwise consist of playing one two-note chord for the entire song, with long gaps of no playing):

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As far as tabs go, since my last update, I've posted updates to the following songs:

PPR:KUT - Mainly just guitar numbering/layering changes to be consistent with the updates I made for the original version of Papercut recently.

All versions of One Step Closer containing any of the Hybrid Theory guitar work (One Step Closer, 1STP KLOSR, Points of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer, and the Humble Bros. Remix) - The multitrack for this one leaked as well, and I had to update the guitar count to properly notate the doubling in certain spots. I also changed one of the harmonics in the second pre-chorus (the one that I thought was on the D string is actually a third harmonic on the G string). Some of these changes resulted in me updating all of the various versions of the song to some degree.

Roads Untraveled - Completely changed the rhythm guitar parts, and added a bit more guitar that appears at the end of the first chorus.

Battle Symphony - This was basically a second complete re-working of the entire tab, much like my previous update to the song. I really can't narrow it down to anything specific, just check it out yourself.

Heavy - There are a couple guitar parts in this that I never heard before, most notably a fingerpicked part in Kiiara's pre-chorus section, and a clean guitar that plays some lower-end octaves. I also changed the tuning to standard, since the lower octave parts require it but none of the other guitar parts use the bottom string.

I have at least one more tab update coming this week, and I'll be tackling one of the above songs for next week's video(s), since they all need to be redone sooner or later! I also have a couple more photos that I've been meaning to add to the site, so keep an eye out for those soon as well.

OH! I almost forgot! I updated that paragraph at the top of the Tabs page that talks about viewing/downloading my tabs - I've discovered that a program called Notepad++ will display my tabs with proper formatting after you download them, unlike the stock Windows versions of Notepad/Wordpad. YAY!


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