7/11: New Chester Guitar/Tab Updates

Posted on July 11, 2016 at 6:15 PM

Hey guys...sorry for the lack of Youtube uploads the last couple weekends. Midterm exams were two weeks ago and I didn't have time to record, and one of my good friends passed away unexpectedly this past Thursday, so I kind of lost the motivation to do much over the weekend. I did have time to do a little bit of other stuff though...first of all, we have a new guitar in Chester's section, which he played on the streets of Beijing during an impromptu performance earlier this month:

Second, I made a pretty significant tabs update today! Most notably, I tabbed the three Fort Minor Militia songs with guitar in them (Do What We Did, Strange Things, and Tools of the Trade), which can be found HERE (individual links are on the Tabs page, under the "Misc. Fort Minor Songs" section). Also, I got a tip that Mike actually started using Fender Stratocasters during the Fort Minor period, which actually makes a lot of sense now that I think about how some of those guitar tones sounded...I updated guitar info in a few Fort Minor songs to reflect this, and I also made a note in my tabs for Clarity and Basquiat that those songs bear the unusual distinction of being Linkin Park demos recorded with Strats that are also tuned down half a step - Mike was still tuning down half a step during the Fort Minor period, so his earliest Minutes to Midnight demos were also tuned that way, even the ones that used Strats. The decision to try "tuning up" was something the full band made a little bit later in the writing process for that album.

Anyway, I should be getting a significant amount of recording done this week...although at least part of it will be for a project that doesn't directly involve my Youtube channel. Regardless, I promise I'll have SOMETHING for you this weekend, even if I don't necessarily catch up on the two weeks that I've missed.


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