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YouTube Cover of the Week (8/5): Figure.09

Posted on August 5, 2019 at 1:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Getting into some of the more unusual guitar parts on Meteora now, here's Figure.09, with its odd tapped harmonic intro riff:

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I also made a couple more small updates to my Figure.09 tab, there's a fade-in on an open Db note at the very beginning of the song that I never noticed before, and I realized I was using inconsistent notation for the hammer-ons during the turnaround at the end of the verse riff between the album version and the demo version. They are in fact the same, and the demo version was correct, so I changed the hammer-on notation for the album version.

I'm particularly excited to tackle Easier to Run for next week, as I haven't covered it since WAY back when I was still living with my parents in 2007/2008! I wish I could say that I'll be finishing up Meteora after that, but unfortunately the three remaining songs all use baritone tunings and I don't have a guitar set up for baritone use at the moment. Hopefully I'll have a good month financially in the near future and I'll be able to pick up a baritone guitar!


YouTube Cover of the Week (7/29): Breaking the Habit/Tab Updates

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I had another couple gigs this weekend, so I had to rush to get anything done, but I did manage to re-record Breaking the Habit (I was never happy with the tone of the verse parts in my previous video):

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Only one tab update this week, but it's a pretty big one: Multitracks for Invisible have leaked, and as is typically the case when that happens (especially on more recent songs with harder-to-hear guitar parts), I ended up having to completely redo my tab for it as a result. Check it out!

I'm planning on doing Figure.09 for next week's video, and then I THINK I'm going to take a stab at re-recording Easier to Run for the first time in over a decade.


YouTube Cover of the Week (7/22): Forgotten/Tab Updates

Posted on July 22, 2019 at 4:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Sorry I didn't upload anything last week, one of my bands was playing a big festival gig last weekend (the biggest gig I've ever played, actually), and I just didn't have time. As promised, here's my new cover of Forgotten, this one's completely re-recorded just like Hit the Floor was:

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That pretty much wraps up Hybrid Theory for good! Unless the multitracks for A Place for My head come out at some point and show I need to re-record that one (the guitar in With You/Points of Authority is straightforward enough that I'm already sure those are right), I don't really see a reason why I'd ever need to re-record any of those songs. I do still want to remix Cure for the Itch at some point just to have something uploaded for each song on the album, but in terms of "actual guitar" stuff, I'm closing the book on this album. I've got a couple more Meteora songs in the works next, although I won't be able to completely finish that album yet because I still don't have a baritone guitar (I have my sights set on a PRS SE 277, but first I need to pay off that new piano you see behind me in my latest video!). Just gonna keep plugging away at the main LP discography in general for as long as I can.

In terms of tabs, I have two updates: I redid my Robot Boy (Test Mix) tab to be consistent with the changes I made to the album version a while ago, and I also changed the notation of the tapped harmonics in Figure.09 into something that should be a bit easier to read.

Lastly, I kept a pretty low profile on July 20th this year...there were a lot of people posting nice tributes and saying nice things, but for some reason I just didn't feel like I had it in me to say anything. I'm still not sure if that means I'm doing well, or if I'm not doing well. Chester is still sorely missed, though.


YouTube Cover of the Week (7/8): Hit the Floor/Tab Updates

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After largely reusing old guitar tracks for my last couple videos, this week's upload is completely re-recorded from scratch. I never liked how my original take of Hit the Floor sounded, but I think this is much better (in particular, I think I got the tone of the single-note lines MUCH closer to the original recording than I did previously):

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I've also updated a few tabs this week:

-Cure for the Itch: Changed one of the chords in the main string progression.

-Carousel: Added two guitar tracks to properly account for the fade-in at the end of the bridge, also split the rhythm guitars up in the first two choruses, as they sometimes play things slightly differently from each other.

-Step Up: Finally adjusted the rhythmic alignment of the verse clean part so it lines up properly with the beat. This also caused the addition of a staff for Guitar 1 at the end of the first and last choruses.

-And One: Changed the little interruption of the second verse where there's some string noise, as only one of the rhythm guitar tracks does it.

-High Voltage: Made note that all of the "guitar" in this song is actually sampled on Mike's MPC.

-Castle of Glass: Completely redid most of the acoustic guitar parts.

-Faint (Demo): Small adjustment of the timing of the initial fade-in at the start of the song, and also noted that it cuts off before the main riff comes in.

As I mentioned last week, since I did Hit the Floor this week, I'll be recording Forgotten for next week's video. It'll be nice to finally have good versions of everything from Hybrid Theory done!


YouTube Cover of the Week (7/1): From the Inside

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I redid From the Inside this week, Guitar 1 reuses my previous audio while portions of Guitar 2 have been re-recorded.

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Nothing new to report with tabs this week, I've got a few things in the works but haven't gotten them done yet. I'm literally going to flip a coin to decide whether I'm recording Hit the Floor or Forgotten for next week's video, and whichever one I don't do, I'll do the following week. After that, I'm a little more unsure of things. I'm debating re-recording Breaking the Habit even though there's nothing "wrong" with the current version, I just don't like how it sounds because I'm picky. I've also got a slightly larger project in progress that should be a video at some point in the next few weeks, although I won't commit to a date on it just yet.