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YouTube Cover of the Week (7/8): Hit the Floor/Tab Updates

Posted on July 8, 2019 at 2:15 AM Comments comments (0)

After largely reusing old guitar tracks for my last couple videos, this week's upload is completely re-recorded from scratch. I never liked how my original take of Hit the Floor sounded, but I think this is much better (in particular, I think I got the tone of the single-note lines MUCH closer to the original recording than I did previously):

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I've also updated a few tabs this week:

-Cure for the Itch: Changed one of the chords in the main string progression.

-Carousel: Added two guitar tracks to properly account for the fade-in at the end of the bridge, also split the rhythm guitars up in the first two choruses, as they sometimes play things slightly differently from each other.

-Step Up: Finally adjusted the rhythmic alignment of the verse clean part so it lines up properly with the beat. This also caused the addition of a staff for Guitar 1 at the end of the first and last choruses.

-And One: Changed the little interruption of the second verse where there's some string noise, as only one of the rhythm guitar tracks does it.

-High Voltage: Made note that all of the "guitar" in this song is actually sampled on Mike's MPC.

-Castle of Glass: Completely redid most of the acoustic guitar parts.

-Faint (Demo): Small adjustment of the timing of the initial fade-in at the start of the song, and also noted that it cuts off before the main riff comes in.

As I mentioned last week, since I did Hit the Floor this week, I'll be recording Forgotten for next week's video. It'll be nice to finally have good versions of everything from Hybrid Theory done!


YouTube Cover of the Week (7/1): From the Inside

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I redid From the Inside this week, Guitar 1 reuses my previous audio while portions of Guitar 2 have been re-recorded.

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Nothing new to report with tabs this week, I've got a few things in the works but haven't gotten them done yet. I'm literally going to flip a coin to decide whether I'm recording Hit the Floor or Forgotten for next week's video, and whichever one I don't do, I'll do the following week. After that, I'm a little more unsure of things. I'm debating re-recording Breaking the Habit even though there's nothing "wrong" with the current version, I just don't like how it sounds because I'm picky. I've also got a slightly larger project in progress that should be a video at some point in the next few weeks, although I won't commit to a date on it just yet.


YouTube Cover of the Week (6/24): Numb/Tab Updates

Posted on June 24, 2019 at 2:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Moving on to some Meteora stuff this week, here's a re-recording of Numb:

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In terms of tab updates, I've redone most of A Light That Never Comes (switched the octave that the bridge riff is played in, and the outro is a lot different than what I thought it was), and I made a small update to Too Late (mainly just making adjustments for notes that are held across multiple staves, but in this case it resulted in some more significant formatting changes).

Hit the Floor, Forgotten, and From the Inside will be my next three videos, not sure what order I'm doing them in yet though.


YouTube Cover of the Week (6/17): Pushing Me Away/Tab Updates

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Just about wrapped up with Hybrid Theory now, as I re-recorded Pushing Me Away this week:

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More tab updates as well:

-Robot Boy: Redid this one as one guitar part instead of two.

-Burning in the Skies: Added another guitar track for a feedback thing that appears in a couple spots.

-The Messenger: Made small strumming pattern changes in a few spots.

-Iridescent: Added another guitar track and split the main riff into two parts, also deleted one guitar track as the rhythm parts aren't triple-tracked in the last chorus like I thought they were (so the total number of guitar tracks actually didn't change, one new one just replaced one that got deleted).

-Too Late: Made some small notation changes in terms of notes that are held across multiple staves.

I'm currently working on a bunch of minor tab updates regarding formatting inconsistencies (tedious stuff like spacing, inconsistent capitalization of notation stuff, etc.), but also making more siginifcant changes when I discover they're needed. Once I'm satisfied with that, I'm going to start work on LPU 15. I'm recording some more videos this week too!


YouTube Cover of the Week (6/10): The Messenger/Tab Updates

Posted on June 10, 2019 at 3:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Now that I have a decent acoustic guitar and the means of making it sound decent on a recording (thanks to my TC Electronic BodyRez pedal), I decided to play The Messenger for this week's cover. As I mention in the video description, this is a little different than my usual cover format, as I actually used the Rock Band multitracks and took the original guitar track out of the mix and replaced it with mine:

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In addition, I've also made a big update to my tabs for the Post Traumatic album! The affected songs are as follows:

-Nothing Makes Sense Anymore: The last chorus/outro is different from what I had originally.

-Promises I Can't Keep: The lead guitar does a downward slide at the end of both sections it plays.

-Hold It Together: Minor update, fixed a mistake where I copy/pasted a part in a spot that it didn't belong.

-Ghosts: Completely redid this one. There are no octave guitars like I originally thought, however there's a guitar with an EBow that appears in one spot, as well as a recurring line of natural harmonics that appears in a large portion of the song.

-Make It Up As I Go: Guitar 1 plays a syncopated, palm-muted part under the second verse that I missed originally. Adding this to the tab also necessitated double-spacing everything else.

-Lift Off: Downsized from five guitar tracks to four. Guitars 3 and 4 also play a different part from what I originally thought.

-Running from My Shadow: Lots of changes to this one. Guitar count increased from 9 to 10, as there's a guitar in the second verse (Guitar 4) that I didn't notice before. Guitar 1 also doesn't play in the second verse, Guitar 5's part is significantly different from what I had before, and the majority of the outro is played by Guitars 7 and 8, rather than the lead part and chords being split up like I had before. Guitars 9 and 10 only play the descending pull-off part at the end of every other line of the outro.

-World's On Fire: Added a new tab for this one, as there's some guitar in the last chorus that I didn't notice before.

-Can't Hear You Now: Same thing as Hold It Together, just fixed a copy-paste mistake.

I've built up a pretty big backlog of tab updates that I need to do, so I'll be getting to those ASAP. I've still got one more song filmed for next week, and I'm planning on having more ready by the following week so I can continue with my weekly schedule.