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YouTube Cover of the Week (6/3): By Myself/Other Updates

Posted on June 3, 2019 at 1:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Hey guys! Finally getting around to posting some new video content again. I recorded 3 songs the other day, and here's the first of them, which is a re-recording of By Myself (with the palm-muted parts played correctly this time):

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I've also updated a lot of stuff on the website too:

-Tabs: I updated my tab for Victimized, there's a lot more layered stuff going on in that song than I initially realized (the recently-leaked "concert stems" helped me figure this out).

-Guitars: In the Misc. section, I posted one new guitar, a D'Angelico hollowbody that Matt Harris started playing midway through the Post Traumatic tour. I also added a much better photo of his red Telecaster.

-Other: I did a pretty big revamp of the About/Contact page and removed a lot of irrelevant info (I'm making more of a conscious effort to keep my LP-related projects a separate entity from my other musical projects and not cross-link between the two as much as I used to, so the stuff about my bands and stuff like that all got removed).

As I said, I have two more songs recorded already, so there will be further updates for at least the next couple weekends, and I plan to keep recording more regularly after that as well. Sorry about going nearly a year without uploading anything, I know it's annoying that I've done it several times over the history of my channel, but I'm trying to not let it happen again.


4/16: Lots of tab updates!

Posted on April 16, 2019 at 2:25 AM Comments comments (0)

I've been working on a LOT of tab updates lately, so here's a big list of updates for you:


-Iridescent: Guitar count increased from 5 to 6, as there's a guitar with an EBow that appears throughout the end of the song that I hadn't included previously. I always knew this was there, but it's only really audible during the quiet piano ending on the album recording. With the leak of the "concert stems" from the Living Things tour, I was finally able to isolate this part and figure it out.

-Cross Off: Guitar count dropped from 13 to 11, as watching some live footage made me realize I had the secondary guitar part that appears in the intro and a few other places completely wrong (It's a single-string part that uses a big stretch). This made me realize that it only accounts for 2 tracks throughout the song, rather than 2 in the intro and 2 more elsewhere. I also adjusted strumming patterns in a few spots, and a few chords in the verse riff changed too.

-One More Light: Multitracks for this song leaked recently, and I realized I had a few things wrong in both the main fingerpicking part, as well as one note that I needed to change in the solo.

-Nobody Can Save Me: COMPLETELY redid this tab after hearing the multitracks. It's back in Eb tuning like it was when I originally tabbed it, and numerous parts throughout the song have changed significantly.

-Sorry for Now: Pretty similar story to Nobody Can Save Me, completely redid most of this one.

-Waiting for the End: I don't know how I never noticed this before, but you know how Guitar 1 briefly slides up to the 12th fret right before the guitar solo? It actually does that again during the last line of the song.

-Wretches and Kings: There are a couple spots where Guitar 6 briefly drops out that I never noticed before.

-Burn It Down: Guitar count increased from 3 to 5, as the main feedback fade-ins are actually two additional overdubbed tracks. One of the two main guitar tracks also fades in on a D octave a couple times the other feedback parts appear.


-I have posted TWELVE new bass tabs: By Myself, Lying from You, Rebellion, Papercut, Pushing Me Away, Nobody Can Save Me, Heavy, Talking to Myself, Roads Untraveled, Battle Symphony, Forgotten, and Runaway!

-Crawling: Fixed a timing error in the last chorus.

-Guilty All the Same: I think I screwed up copy/pasting on my original tab, there was either a line missing somewhere or an extra line that shouldn't have been there.

-New Divide: I redid nearly the whole tab an octave higher than I had it previously - Phoenix plays it down an octave live, and I originally tabbed it based on that, but listening back after all this time, I was clearly wrong and the studio version is different.

-The Catalyst: The whole song is definitely played on the low D string on the album version, despite how I had it tabbed previously.

-In the End: I had a few notes completely wrong on my original tab (being able to hear the DI and bass amp tracks separated on the newer multitrack release helped me figure out some stuff that was hard to hear otherwise).

-Somewhere I Belong, No More Sorrow, One Step Closer: Minor updates (fixing typos, updating descriptions, stuff like that).

I have a couple more major guitar tab updates in the works for now, and I also have one new photo that I need to add to the site, but I'll do it in my next update since this one's already big enough as it is.

I'm not exactly optimistic about the future of my YouTube channel with all this Article 13 crap going on. I've unfortuntately already started seeing a new wave of copyright takedowns (which I've disputed, because screw that, I've LITERALLY had people from Warner Bros. tell me what I'm doing is completely fine in the past). Rest assured, if for whatever reason my channel ultimately bites the dust, I WILL make sure that my content is re-uploaded somewhere, somehow. I'll take out a credit card just to buy the damn server space to host the videos myself if I have to. The only way the copyright police will ever get rid of me is if they kill me!


2/22 - Cross Off tab

Posted on February 22, 2019 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (0)

I just posted a tab that I've absolutely been flooded with requests for over on the Tabs page - Mark Morton's recently-released collaboration with Chester, Cross Off. Shout-out to Nik Nocturnal on YouTube, who posted a REALLY good guitar cover of the song about a month ago that helped me get the hang of some of the trickier parts, or at least an idea of where to go with them (I ended up transcribing quite a few parts of the song differently than how he played it).

Back to tabbing some more LPU songs next!


2/13 - Tabs are back up/Prove You Wrong tab

Posted on February 13, 2019 at 9:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Hey guys! Sorry about the extended tabs downtime for the last month, I'm sure if you've been following the server situation over at LPLive you'll understand why that took a while. LPLive itself isn't quite back online yet, but the page with my tabs came back online a day or two ago, which I just noticed today. Everything appears to be up to date (the LPU 14 tabs are there), but please let me know if you find any broken links or outdated versions of tabs.

I've also posted a new tab for Prove You Wrong over on the Tabs page, so check that out!


1/7: Tab Updates

Posted on January 8, 2019 at 1:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Happy new year, everyone! Starting off another year with some new tabs, I've spent the last week-ish working on LPU 14, and I finished it up today. All tabs for LPU 14 songs are now linked on the Tabs page.

I was planning on just moving right on to LPU 15, but I kind of want to take care of Prove You Wrong first (it's the only Mike solo song with guitar in it that I haven't tabbed), and I've had a TON of people bugging me to tab Cross Off (which technically isn't even supposed to be out yet), so I'll probably do those two songs first.