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Youtube Cover of the Week (6/18): In the End + Bonus Video!

Posted on June 19, 2018 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Another week, another touch-up job on an old Hybrid Theory song. For In the End, I re-recorded both parts. The first part (the harmonics) was technically "right" before, but I always felt like it was kind of sloppy by my standards. I think this is a much better take:

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And for the second part, I saved the first two choruses from my previous take, but re-recorded the bridge/last chorus due to a small change to my guitar tab at the end of the bridge:

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As a bonus, I decided to do something that's been requested a few times and film a video that documents my entire recording process for a song from start to finish. It's long, it's probably boring in spots, but hopefully it's informative:

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One more Hybrid Theory song coming up this weekend, then I'll be moving on to some fresher material...I also updated the tabs section with the final list of songs from Post Traumatic that have guitar in them, although I haven't added any additional tabs just yet. Hopefully I can get a couple of those knocked out this week.


Youtube Cover of the Week (6/11): Runaway + Ghosts Tab

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Runaway saw some very minor updates on both parts with this latest re-recording. For the first part, I actually just reused my original guitar track for almost the entire song, and made one small overdub for the part that changed (the build-up from the end of the bridge into the last chorus):

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For the second part, I was never happy with how I handled it the first time around, because I cut off the fade-out of the harmonics from the "real" guitar part early every time I switched to the additional guitar work I added. This take fixes that, and also adds some more improv stuff during the verses:

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You also may notice that I updated the Runaway tab slightly to account for how long the harmonics are sustained over the top of the chorus riff. In other tab-related news, I did a tab for Ghosts, the latest song released from Post Traumatic. Not a lot of guitar in it, but it's done! I'm pretty happy that I've managed to stay on top of these songs as they've been released, because it means when the full album comes out later this week I'll only have a maximum of 8 more songs to do.

I'll be re-recording In the End this week. Sometime in the middle of next week, I'll also be uploading a video that goes through my entire recording process, as it's something people have requested a few times.


6/5: Latest YouTube Videos

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I haven't exactly followed a predictable upload schedule the last few weeks, so I haven't been posting my latest videos here every week as I typically do. Here's a quick summary of everything I've done since I did Good Goodbye a few weeks ago (I'm not embedding the actual videos this time around because there are so many of them):

-Battle Symphony

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

More so than anything else I've done lately, the multitracks for this song caused me to essentially redo my entire tab. The first video covers the powerchord rhythm parts, the second video covers the various lead guitar parts throughout the song, the third video covers all of the octave parts, the fourth video covers the cool major and minor triad voicings that make up the "response" part of the call-and-response guitar work in the second chorus and outro, and the fifth video covers some clean parts that appear in the bridge and last chorus, as well as some of my own improv work that I added for fun. You'll notice that the second through fourth parts of this one feature split-screen video editing, which is something I've never done before. I did this to keep this song from being eight videos long, which would have been ridiculous! Probably not something I'll be using on too many videos in the future, but I can think of a few more songs where it'll probably come into play.


Part 1:

Part 2:

The first part of this one isn't too different from my previous video, with the exception of the quick octave part that appears during the initial fade-in at the start of the song. The multitracks for this song revealed a lot of additional guitar stuff that I didn't notice before though, which necessitated splitting this one into two parts.

-Faint (Part 2)

A lot of the E5 chords in the chorus of this one are actually sus2 chords on the album version (even though Mike doesn't play them that way live). I redid this to be consistent with the studio version.


Turns out I had been playing the chorus riff on this one wrong for all these years, so I redid it again (and let me tell you, "un-learning" something you've been playing for over 15 years is really tough!).

-One Step Closer

Part 1:

Part 2:

One of the harmonics before the second chorus is different than what I previously thought it was. It had also been bugging me for a while that I couldn't incorporate the intro feedback fade-in into a single-part cover of this song, so I added a second part that features that, as well as covering the spots where the third and fourth rhythm guitar parts are present on the original recording.

In terms of future plans, my next three songs will be re-uploads of more Hybrid Theory tracks that saw tab updates following the release of their multitracks. By the end of this month, I'll be moving on to some material from Minutes to Midnight that I haven't done anything with in a long time.


6/2: Tab Updates

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Quick update before I run off to work for the day, got a couple tab updates for you:

-Posted tabs for Nothing Makes Sense Anymore and Running from My Shadow.

-Updated my tab for Heavy, I changed the positioning of the fingerpicked part in the pre-chorus and made a couple other small changes.

As of today, I'm finally caught back up with my video upload schedule. I'll be featuring all the videos I've uploaded recently in another post on Monday. Be on the lookout for continued weekly videos from me! I'm currently touching up some Hybrid Theory songs that saw updates as their multitracks surfaced, but by the end of this month I'll be moving on to some songs from Minutes to Midnight that I haven't touched in quite some time.


5/23: New Guitars + Tab Updates

Posted on May 23, 2018 at 2:00 AM Comments comments (0)

First guitar update in a while! I've added three new guitars to the website:

-On Brad's page, I've added a white Strat with a maple neck that he was seen with while working with Lauren Dair in the studio earlier this year.

-On the Misc. Guitars page, I've added a Les Paul that Phoenix was photographed with during the A Thousand Suns studio sessions, as well as a Zager acoustic guitar that he used during the semi-acoustic show Linkin Park did in the New York City subway last year.

-Also, while not a "new" guitar, Mike has added some artwork to his Shoreline Gold Strat and has been using it for his solo shows in support of Post Traumatic, and I've added a couple new photos of it to his page.

On top of that, I've got another big tabs update for you guys! Big updates to Talking to Myself and Watching as I Fall, smaller updates to Easier to Run and Faint, and a big overhaul of my Meteora tabs to account for the proper number of rhythm guitar tracks, similar to what I recently did with Hybrid Theory:

-Talking to Myself: Guitar count increased from 10 to 12 (muted strums are doubled, feedback guitar uses an EBow and is separate from the lead guitar part), re-ordering of guitar tracks, MANY playing changes based on leaked multitrack files

-Watching as I Fall: Pitch-shifted part is single notes, not octaves

-Don't Stay: Guitar count increased from 4 to 6 (proper rhythm guitar arrangement)

-Somewhere I Belong: Updated description

-Hit the Floor: Guitar count increased from 3 to 5 (proper rhythm guitar arrangement)

-Easier to Run: Small update to end of bridge (Guitars 3 and 4 sustain a 7x9 octave for the last bar rather than continuing to strum all the way through)

-Faint: Update to Guitars 3 and 4 (the majority of E5 chords in the choruses are actually Esus2 chords on the studio recording, unlike the live version)

-Figure.09: Guitar count increased from 4 to 6 (proper rhythm guitar arrangement)

-From the Inside: Updated description

-Numb: Guitar count increased from 3 to 5 (proper rhythm guitar arrangement)

-Numb/Encore: Guitar count increased from 2 to 3 (feedback fade-ins are doubled)

-Jigga What/Faint: Same changes as original version of Faint (E5 chords changed to Esus2 chords)

I'm a little behind on my video upload schedule - I just got all of the parts of last week's cover (Battle Symphony) uploaded yesterday, and I'm probably not going to have this week's done until late tonight or sometime on Thursday. As soon as that's done, I'll make another post with both weeks' videos accounted for.