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Youtube Cover(s) of the Week (3/26): Until It Breaks + Invisible/Other Updates

Posted on March 28, 2018 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Hey guys, sorry I'm falling a little behind here, I've been fighting flu-like symptoms for about three weeks now, and it's really slowed down my recording output. I posted two videos in the past few days to make up for it. First up is Until It Breaks, which features a re-recorded guitar track and remastered vocals:

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And second, a re-recorded Guitar 3 for Invisible, to reflect some recent changes I made to the tab:

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Note that I also added isolated track links to my old videos for the first two parts of Invisible as well. You may notice that these videos are in 1080p and a bit more zoomed-in than my other recent videos, this is due to me switching to filming videos on my iPhone (my trusty Sony digital camera that I've been using for 5 years or so finally died on me). The zoomed-in aspect is less than ideal for me, as I really liked how my recent videos were at a wide enough angle to show my pedalboard, but this will have to do - my phone just doesn't have as wide of a lens as my old camera, and it's already set up as far across the room and as zoomed out as I can get it. I'm sure some people will prefer the trade-off of not seeing my pedals in exchange for a clearer view of my playing, though!

In other site-related news, I added a new guitar to Mike's page! I somehow missed that he posted a picture of himself recording with a previously-unseen sunburst Telecaster on Instagram last year. I also found improved (as in not video-screencapped) pictures of him playing bass at the Hollywood Bowl show, as well as him playing his S2 Singlecut at one of the Fort Minor shows a couple years back.

As for other stuff, the Remix Post Traumatic contest wrapped up last week, and I nearly won! I was one of the five finalists selected by the various judging committees, meaning my remix was sent to Mike for final judging. Congrats to Mac Oddy on being selected as the winner, and congrats to my fellow finalists Austin Vicenty, Ocean Grey, and DPARK as well. I'm working on a video for my remix that should be on Youtube sometime this week.

Speaking of Youtube uploads...other than my Place to Start remix and a series of re-recorded videos for Shadow of the Day (which will both be up in the next few days), I'll probably be taking most, if not all of the month of April off from uploading videos. April is National Poetry Writing Month, and poetry is kind of my wife's thing (she's even been published!). Since she'll be writing every day, I anticipate that I'll be spending most of every day taking care of our daughter, even when my wife's home. As such, I don't expect that I'll have time to record, but I definitely will if I find the time to do so! This is honestly just a case of me setting my own expectations low so I don't have reason to be disappointed, haha. Either way, I'll be uploading as much as possible again once May rolls around. I've still got a lot planned for this year!


12/11: Update to Mike's page/Misc. updates

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More positive progress to report today! Mike's page has now had all of its photos converted over to Imgur like I did with Brad's page. Here's the full photo gallery in chronological order:

As was the case with Brad's page, there were quite a few significant new discoveries made while updating Mike's page, so here's a rundown!

-I've added three new guitars: A Precision Bass that Mike briefly used in the Until It's Gone video while standing in for Phoenix, another Precision Bass that he used on Shadow of the Day at the Chester tribute show, and Brad's customized blue PRS NF3, which was used on Crawling at the Chester tribute show.

-The red PRS that Mike was photographed with on a few occasions early in 2001 isn't a CE 22, it's actually the Santana SE that Phoenix was seen using on the Making of Meteora DVD!

-I changed the chronological order of Mike using Brad's blue CE 24, as the date of the Top of the Pops 2001 filming (where he used it on Crawling) was found to have been incorrect for many years, it was in March instead of September.

-Made small changes to information on various other guitars.

I also made a couple other small changes in other sections of the site:

-I discovered that the Standard 22 Brad used on When They Come for Me at the Las Vegas 2014 show was also used on the same song for the three South American shows at the beginning of the A Thousand Suns tour in 2010, so that guitar has actually been a backup in his rig for much longer than I thought! I subsequently moved the entry for that guitar farther up the page to fit it in chronologically.

-The Rock Band 4 stems for Lying From You surfaced recently, and I realized there's a bit more guitar layering in the song than I originally thought, as well as a couple small changes in the strumming pattern that I hadn't transcribed correctly before, so I updated the tab for it.

It's going to be kind of tough going through Chester's page next, for obvious reasons...I really don't want to remove the "active touring use" designation next to his D'Angelico guitars, knowing there won't be any further guitars taking over that role in the future. :( I miss the hell out of the guy. But regardless, I'm getting pretty close to having all of these photos updated!


Youtube Cover of the Week (1/23): No More Sorrow/New Mike Guitar

Posted on January 23, 2017 at 9:15 PM Comments comments (1)

Getting back into doing some Youtube stuff this week, should have a few consecutive weeks worth of uploads coming for you guys. This week, I decided to put my recently-purchased EBow to work and finally do No More Sorrow properly:

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Also, I added a new/old guitar to Mike's section, a custom Valley Arts guitar that he signed and was photographed with as part of the festivities surrounding the Live 8 performance in 2005.


1/5 Update: New guitars...sort of!

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Happy New Year! I've finally done some catching up on studio photos from sessions for the band's seventh album (which is basically finished at this point, from what I know). While I haven't found any "new" guitars, I have found numerous pictures of different band members using guitars I previously hadn't seen them with - Brad with Ethan Mates' vintage Gibson SG, Mike with Brad's Custom Shop Strat, etc., so you'll see some new stuff on all four of the guitar-related pages. I also found a better photo of Brad with the "Cardboard Chaos" Strat, so that entry has been updated as well, as has a little bit of information on a few other entries. Looks like the band is sticking with the same array of guitars they used for The Hunting Party for the most part!

Anyway, had a good recording session today...right now my tentative plan is to start uploading videos again sometime the week of January 23rd. Working on some more tabs-related stuff when I'm not recording, too!


8/10: Major Update!

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Hey guys! I know it's been about a month since I posted any kind of update. There's some new content on the site for you today, but first, a more personal update, since I figured I owe everyone an explanation for my lack of updates lately, in terms of Youtube videos, tabs, and everything. Quite simply, I have a lot going on right now. Some of it is good stuff - I start at McNally Smith College of Music on September 9th, I'm in the process of finding a new place to live and getting ready to move, and I'm busy with some other musical projects. Some of it is not-so-good stuff - I'm currently dealing with the final stages of a terminal illness in my immediate family (I'll talk about this more when the time is right, for now I kindly ask for some privacy in the matter), and I had an accident at work a couple weeks back that almost cost me the tip of my left index finger. It's thankfully healing up pretty quickly, but I probably won't be able to play guitar for at least another week. Good thing I play bass in my band, I can get away with using my middle finger for everything doing that!

Anyway, on to some more relevant stuff: Big guitar update today! No photos this time, since there are quite a few of them, but here's a list of everything new:

Brad's section:
-Better picture of silver PRS from Skive, Denmark show in 2008

-Updated info and 2 new pictures of purple Masterbuilt Strat from C rig that was used in Brazil in October of 2014

-New entry for the black Masterbuilt Strat currently being used in the C rig that recently debuted in China last month

Mike's section:
-New Fender Precision bass seen in music video for "Welcome"

-New PRS S2 Singlecut Standard being used for recent Fort Minor live performances

Misc. Guitars section:
-Deleted entry on the black Masterbuilt Strat, as it's now found on Brad's page

I'll probably have some smaller-scale updates later this week, I need to double-check what guitars are being used in each rig these days (I think some of Mike's guitars in particular have been swapped around from what I have listed currently), and I still have some minor corrections to make to a few tabs. Hope everyone's doing well!