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6/14: Various Updates + Announcement!

Posted on June 14, 2017 at 11:50 PM Comments comments (1)

I've got a few things to announce today! First of all, while I'm not calling it a "Youtube cover of the week," per se, I did upload an updated cover of Lies Greed Misery over the weekend. I redid this one to fix some editing issues with my first attempt, plus I added my favorite compressor plugin in the effects chain. This was a quick one since I was busy all weekend...recording something more substantial for this weekend!

Second, some guitar updates:

-I thought Brad was carrying 3 Strats in each rig on this tour, but he's actually only carrying 2 - the Strat he has in standard tuning for One More Light/Talking to Myself also serves as his backup guitar, as evidenced by him using his Rory Gallagher Strat on some Drop D-tuned songs on the current European tour, even though they're using the A rig for this tour and he's also been seen using his pink Strat.
-As a result of the above information, I've realized that the purple Time Machine Strat and sunburst Road Worn Strat have actually not been brought back into active duty, like I previously thought. I've updated entries on those guitars to reflect this.
-Also, since Brad's using the Inca Silver Strat as his backup in the C rig, that means he's actually only using 2 of the Rory Gallagher Strats now, strangely enough.
-Brad also has a new Martin acoustic/electric that he's using for performances of Sharp Edges, but I haven't found a particularly good photo of it yet - I'll add it to the site as soon as I do!
-As I predicted, Chester did end up adding that plum-colored D'Angelico Deluxe DC to his arsenal, it's his A rig guitar now (the red Premier DC is now exclusively in the C rig).

Lastly, a rare personal announcement...while many of you have probably seen this on my various social media accounts already, I'm excited to say that my wife (who I met on the LPU) is 10 weeks pregnant with our first child! Mike Shinoda even gave us a little shout-out on Twitter earlier, which immediately blew my phone up with push notifications, haha.


6/1: Big Guitars Update!

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As promised, here's my biggest guitars update in several years! You may have seen some of the new stuff periodically added to the website over the past few days (I didn't add everything all at once), but it's officially done now. Here are some of the highlights:

-All "active touring use" guitars have been updated, and are current as of the iHeartRadio album release show on May 22nd. Some guitars have changed rigs/tunings, some are no longer in use as of this tour, and some have returned after absences. I'll admit that I'm making educated guesses on a few of the backup guitars (particularly for Brad), but I'm fairly confident that all of this information is correct.

-New Brad stuff: A Jazzmaster from the One More Light recording sessions, a new backup PRS that I'd never seen before, and a couple oddities - one of Chester's D'Angelico guitars (from rehearsals), and a random acoustic guitar from a promo performance in New York.

-New Mike stuff: Nothing! Mike's guitar arsenal doesn't seem to have changed at all for this album, other than a few guitars being moved around.

-New Chester stuff: Chester is now a D'Angelico Guitars artist, and is playing two (soon to be three, probably) of their DC models on tour for "Battle Symphony." There's also a random Tanglewood acoustic guitar he's been seen with a couple times recently.

-New Misc. Guitars stuff: "Leave Out All the Rest" is back in the set for the first time in several years, and Phoenix is now playing Mike's SG's on it! There are also new pictures of Phoenix and Joe playing Takamine acoustic guitars.

Now that this is out of the way, back to tabbing and recording. Yaaaaaay!


1/5 Update: New guitars...sort of!

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Happy New Year! I've finally done some catching up on studio photos from sessions for the band's seventh album (which is basically finished at this point, from what I know). While I haven't found any "new" guitars, I have found numerous pictures of different band members using guitars I previously hadn't seen them with - Brad with Ethan Mates' vintage Gibson SG, Mike with Brad's Custom Shop Strat, etc., so you'll see some new stuff on all four of the guitar-related pages. I also found a better photo of Brad with the "Cardboard Chaos" Strat, so that entry has been updated as well, as has a little bit of information on a few other entries. Looks like the band is sticking with the same array of guitars they used for The Hunting Party for the most part!

Anyway, had a good recording session today...right now my tentative plan is to start uploading videos again sometime the week of January 23rd. Working on some more tabs-related stuff when I'm not recording, too!


Youtube Cover of the Week (6/13): Final Masquerade/Brad section updates

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My original plan for this weekend involved recording two different songs, but waking up to the news of the massive shooting in Orlando yesterday kind of killed my motivation to get the second song done. I'll do it next week...anyway, I decided to re-record Guitar 2 of Final Masquerade this week because there were some out-of-tune chords in my original recording that were bugging me. I also used some different AmpliTube settings this time around, and I think it sounds a lot better.

For the sake of reference, here's my video for Guitar 1 again:

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And here's the re-recorded version of Guitar 2:

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In other news, I did some updating to Brad's section...learned some new info about several of the variants of the "soldier" PRS guitars, added a cool story about one of the "LP Burst" PRS guitars, and added some new info about Brad's original blue CE 24. I also added a new entry for a Fender bass that Brad was recently photographed with in the studio.

Short update today, gotta run to work in a few minutes!


New Brad Guitar/Condemned Tab/Misc. Updates

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Pretty decent-sized update today! First of all, there's a new guitar in Brad's section, an as-yet-unknown acoustic that he was photographed with in the studio recently. Secondly, a rare tab update for you Dead By Sunrise fans, I've finally tabbed Condemned! Still two songs left on that album to finish the rate I'm going, I might have them done by the album's tenth anniversary in 2019, haha.

Speaking of tab updates, I've actually started the process of adding a new formatting touch to my tabs and specifiying what types of guitars (to the best of my knowledge) are used on each song. You'll notice this information near the top of each tab, in between the list of guitar parts and my opening paragraph. Currently, I've applied this format to all of my bass tabs, as well as songs from A Thousand Suns, Collision Course, and Dead By Sunrise (everything on Out of Ashes, plus Morning After). You'll probably notice that I've cut down the length of the opening paragraphs on quite a few songs, I felt that there was a lot of information in them that was made redundant by just reading the tabs themselves. I'll be continuing this process over the next few weeks, and posting updates on my progress periodically.

Lastly, I also made a few updates to my gear page. I've re-acquired a few older pieces of gear that had spent the last several years in Ohio, and I also recently retired my trusty old Boss TU-2 after nearly 14 years of use, and replaced it with an updated TU-3.

I'll be recording another song tomorrow and posting it next weekend (it also won't be Pushing Me Away/Shadow of the Day like I previously mentioned, my Ibanez is in need of some setup work so I'm doing a "Strat song" instead). Sorry for the sporadic Youtube videos, it's really hard to keep up with recording them with my current workload at college. Thanks for being patient with me, though!