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5/13: Tab Updates

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Here's a big tabs update, although it isn't necessarily one with a lot of "big" changes in terms of actually playing the songs, mostly just accounting for the correct number of guitar parts and making sure multiple versions of the same song are consistent in their notation. Regardless, here's the list of affected songs:

-With You: Guitar count increased from 3 to 5 to account for typical Hybrid Theory quadruple-tracked rhythm guitars.

-Points of Authority: Guitar count increased from 6 to 9 to account for typical Hybrid Theory quadruple-tracked rhythm guitars, and to note that the backwards guitar sample near the end of the song is double-tracked. The quadruple-tracked parts only appear in the choruses, with the little lead-in to the chorus at the end of each verse (as well as the first chord of the last chorus) only being played by two guitars.

-Runaway: Guitar count increased from 5 to 7 to account for typical Hybrid Theory quadruple-tracked rhythm guitars, slight changes to end of bridge.

-By Myself: Guitar count increased from 3 to 5 to account for typical Hybrid Theory quadruple-tracked rhythm guitars. Also changed the notation regarding the harmonics, as they're actually played by all four of the main guitar tracks.

-In the End: Guitar count increased from 4 to 7 to account for typical Hybrid Theory quadruple-tracked rhythm guitars, as well as the fact that the distorted harmonics in the choruses are double-tracked. Also made some changes to the end of the bridge and the notation of the feedback at the end of the song.

-A Place for My Head: Guitar count increased from 4 to 6 to account for typical Hybrid Theory quadruple-tracked rhythm guitars. Spots played by only two of the rhythm guitars include the transition from the end of the first verse into the chorus, and the pre-chorus that follows the second verse.

-Forgotten: Guitar count increased from 4 to 6 to account for typical Hybrid Theory quadruple-tracked rhythm guitars. The harmonics in the rap chorus are only played by two of the guitars, as are the muted strums leading into the outro. Also made significant changes to the last line of the bridge, and noted an error made my Guitar 2 near the end of the song where it plays the muted strums that would normally lead into the outro one repeat too early.

-Pushing Me Away: The file data shows that I updated this one, but I can't find any changes, so I think I just updated the description slightly and/or fixed a typo somewhere.

-Easier to Run: Fixed a couple typos.

-Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying from You: Guitar count increased from 2 to 4 to account for proper layering, consistent with the Meteora recording of Lying from You.

-Jigga What/Faint: Guitar count increased from 4 to 5 to account for doubling of the lead guitar part (I forgot to update this when I updated the Meteora version of Faint a while back).

-Points of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer: Guitar count is now 8 (I think it was 7 before), and all layering of guitar parts is consistent with how they appear on their Hybrid Theory counterparts.

-Points of Authority (Crystal Method Remix): Updated the description a bit.

-Points of Authority (Demo): Guitar count increased from 5 to 6 to account for the backwards guitar sample near the end of the song being doubled.

-Now I See: Guitar count increased from 3 to 5 to account for typical Hybrid Theory quadruple-tracked rhythm guitars (same changes as Hybrid Theory version of With You).

Phew, big list! Still working on editing video for this week's Youtube cover (this one's a BIG project!), and I've still got some guitar updates to add to the site. Those should all be up by Tuesday at the latest.


Youtube Cover of the Week (5/7): Good Goodbye + Tab Updates

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As promised, after taking the month of April off, I'm resuming uploading videos this week. There have been a lot of multitrack files surfacing in the LP community lately, which has necessitated redoing several tabs and adding more stuff to my video to-do list! Today's update tackles a bit of both. I redid Good Goodbye this week, which covers some changes to both of the "main" guitar parts I covered previously, as well as a third guitar part that I didn't discover until hearing the multitrack (I also added some additional stuff to my video for that part, since it would otherwise consist of playing one two-note chord for the entire song, with long gaps of no playing):

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As far as tabs go, since my last update, I've posted updates to the following songs:

PPR:KUT - Mainly just guitar numbering/layering changes to be consistent with the updates I made for the original version of Papercut recently.

All versions of One Step Closer containing any of the Hybrid Theory guitar work (One Step Closer, 1STP KLOSR, Points of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer, and the Humble Bros. Remix) - The multitrack for this one leaked as well, and I had to update the guitar count to properly notate the doubling in certain spots. I also changed one of the harmonics in the second pre-chorus (the one that I thought was on the D string is actually a third harmonic on the G string). Some of these changes resulted in me updating all of the various versions of the song to some degree.

Roads Untraveled - Completely changed the rhythm guitar parts, and added a bit more guitar that appears at the end of the first chorus.

Battle Symphony - This was basically a second complete re-working of the entire tab, much like my previous update to the song. I really can't narrow it down to anything specific, just check it out yourself.

Heavy - There are a couple guitar parts in this that I never heard before, most notably a fingerpicked part in Kiiara's pre-chorus section, and a clean guitar that plays some lower-end octaves. I also changed the tuning to standard, since the lower octave parts require it but none of the other guitar parts use the bottom string.

I have at least one more tab update coming this week, and I'll be tackling one of the above songs for next week's video(s), since they all need to be redone sooner or later! I also have a couple more photos that I've been meaning to add to the site, so keep an eye out for those soon as well.

OH! I almost forgot! I updated that paragraph at the top of the Tabs page that talks about viewing/downloading my tabs - I've discovered that a program called Notepad++ will display my tabs with proper formatting after you download them, unlike the stock Windows versions of Notepad/Wordpad. YAY!


4/29: Tab Updates/Misc.

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The day has finally come - I've added guitar information to all tabs for The Hunting Party, meaning I now have this information accounted for in all of my tabs for studio releases! This has admittedly taken far longer than it should have, but it's allowed me to give another listen to every song I've done a tab for, and in many cases (far more than I expected!) make changes that may not have otherwise been made. The Hunting Party was no exception, as 7 of the 12 songs saw significant changes:

Keys to the Kingdom - Guitar count decreased from 7 to 6 (removed doubling of the lead part on build-up to guitar solo), changed Guitar 6 at end of bridge, changed chorus part played by Guitars 3 and 4

All for Nothing - Guitar count increased from 8 to 9 (added background parts played by Page Hamilton underneath guitar solo), changed one of the lead guitar parts during outro

Guilty All the Same - Guitar count increased from 8 to 10 (guitars that play first two lines of the riff after the second and third choruses are different from the rest of the rhythm guitars), fixed typo involving Guitar 7 before second chorus (it was labeled as Guitar 1 at one point for some reason), changed first two lines of lead guitar during outro to be single notes on the low D string, rather than full chords doubling the other guitars

Wastelands - Guitar count increased from 3 to 5 (guitars that play choruses are different from the ones that play the other rhythm parts), small change to end of last chorus where transition between rhythm guitar tracks takes place

Until It's Gone - Guitar count increased from 7 to 10 (melodic lead line that appears throughout song is doubled - this accounts for both Guitars 3/4 and Guitars 9/10, palm-muted guitar in second verse is mostly a separate non-doubled track rather than the main rhythm guitars), added octave splitting effect on Guitars 9/10, noted that harmonics after first chorus are played by Guitars 5/6, noted that melodic lead line during ending is played by Guitars 5/6 rather than 3/4 or 9/10 as it appears elsewhere, slight changes to end of guitar solo

Mark the Graves - Changed Guitars 5 and 6 during intro from 2-note chords to 3-note chords, changed Guitars 3 and 4 during chorus riff, removed single notes played by Guitars 5 and 6 during chorus riff, noted slight differences between Guitars 3/4 and Guitars 7/8 during last chorus, slight changes to first guitar solo

Final Masquerade - Guitar count increased from 7 to 8 (added one feedback fade-in before second chorus that couldn't be accounted for by another guitar part)

On another tab-related note, the multitracks for Papercut have surfaced, so I made some significant changes to that song too, primarily that the chorus riff I THOUGHT I was playing correctly all these years is actually slightly different, and that there are four rhythm guitar tracks throughout most of the song (this is honestly the case for basically all Hybrid Theory/Meteora songs, it's just not something I always notate because usually those parts all play the same thing). The outro has also gotten annoyingly long and hard to read with this update, but the four tracks all play that part slightly differently on almost every repeat, so I really had no choice!

In terms of other news, I posted my remix of Place to Start to Youtube recently. I ended up just uploading the audio as I wasn't happy with any of my attempts at coming up with a proper video treatment, but here it is regardless (lyrics/download link in the description, by the way!):

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I've been moving a lot of stuff around in my studio lately (I finally bought a damn computer desk!), and one of my guitars is currently in the shop getting some work done, so I haven't been pushing myself to record this month (on top of reasons I've already explained previously), but I intend to have a new video up next weekend, and will likely resume my weekly schedule from there.


4/14: Tab Updates

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More tab updates for you guys today!

-I added a tab for Crossing a Line, the first single off Mike's solo album coming out in June. Since the album is titled Post Traumatic, and the first three tracks on the album are the same three tracks previously released as the Post Traumatic EP, I've elected to remove the Post Traumatic EP section entirely and just list the album. As usual, once the album is out and I figure out which songs have guitar in them, I'll update the tracklisting accordingly. I THINK there's some guitar in the other recently-released song, Nothing Makes Sense Anymore, but the vocal production on that track is so dense that it completely buries the guitar work that I think is hiding under the bridge and last chorus. Hopefully an instrumental version of that song surfaces at some point...

I also updated a few Dead By Sunrise songs:

-Fire: No actual tab updates, but I re-wrote the intro paragraph.

-Give Me Your Name: Numerous updates to the slide guitar parts, and I changed the voicings of several of the acoustic guitar chords as well (all of the G chords have the A string muted, and several chords in the chorus use fairly unconventional shapes that I hadn't noticed prior to the demo leaking).

-Into You: The guitar that plays harmonics is actually present in the soft choruses, in addition to the third verse like I noted previously. This resulted in the numbering of the guitars being shifted around somewhat. I also made a slight change heading into the last chorus, as the clean guitars continue strumming throughout the transition from the soft chorus to the heavy chorus, instead of stopping like I thought they did previously.

-Walking in Circles: The guitar part in the outro that I previously thought was an octave line is actually two guitars that play single notes an octave apart, with a few variations between them.

I've tried a few treatments for a video for my Place to Start remix that involved fancy slow-motion footage captured at extremely high frame rates (I was experimenting with my iPhone's video capabilities), but I ended up not caring for how it came out, so I trashed that idea and I'll be uploading a more "traditional" video that features performance footage mixed with some still images. It's also looking like I might be able to get another video or two uploaded before the end of the month after all, I just did my springtime setup on my Strat so I'll probably redo Good Goodbye and Battle Symphony to be in line with recent updates I made to the tabs for those songs.

I'm also working with another fan on releasing something VERY cool for the LP community in the near future...stay tuned!


4/2: Tab Updates

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Quick update on a couple tabs:

Good Goodbye - Lots of changes all over this one...I just flat-out had a bunch of stuff wrong the first time around (my previous tab was more or less based on the live version, but the studio version is actually quite different).

It's Goin' Down - As a "quality of life" update, I changed the 2.7 harmonic notation to the 6th fret (just like I did with Crawling), which enabled me to condense the spacing of the entire tab down a lot from the previous version, making it much easier to read.

I'm probably going to have a few Dead By Sunrise tab updates coming soon too, the recently-leaked demos of a lot of the songs make a lot of the guitar work easier to hear, and since a lot of the guitar work was reused on the final album versions, I've noticed some stuff that I need to change. Still need to finish off updating The Hunting Party too.

Editing together footage for my Place to Start remix video this week, sorry it's taken a bit longer than expected to post it.