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My name is Anthony. I've been inhabiting this planet since May 8th, 1988. I spent the early part of my life living in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, prior to moving to St. Cloud, Minnesota in March of 2010. In the fall of 2015, I relocated to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area to attend McNally Smith College of Music, pursuing a degree in their Guitar Performance program, which sadly came to an unexpected end with the school's abrupt closure at the end of 2017. My wife Katie and I got married on May 16th, 2014, and our daughter Olivia was born on December 21st, 2017. As for my musical history, I began playing guitar at the age of 12, and have added several other instruments to my repertoire in the years since (bass, drums, piano). I've also been singing for practically as long as I've been able to talk, and I've spent many years dabbling in music production as well. I have extensive experience as both a touring and studio musician, and currently play in two bands. As of early 2019, I've also started working as a music teacher.

Over the years, I've established a reputation as somewhat of a "Linkin Park guru" among other members of the Linkin Park fan base. While this isn't exclusive to my knowledge of their guitar-related gear, I definitely consider it my forte, considering how long I've been obsessed with all things guitar-related, not just within the Linkin Park world. During the long period of "downtime" in between the releases of Meteora and Minutes to Midnight, I began transcribing guitar tabs for the Linkin Park Association website, as I had found that the majority of the tabs of Linkin Park songs at the time were largely inaccurate. This led to the creation of my YouTube channel in early 2007, which was (and still is) primarily meant to be a visual companion to my tabs. This, unsurprisingly, led to a lot of questions from viewers of my channel about what kind of gear the band was using. After doing some research, I quickly discovered that, much like many of the guitar tabs out there, the most widely-available information about the band's gear was also either outdated or inaccurate. After spending several months amassing all of the accurate information I could find, I launched this site on October 27th, 2007. It's been a constantly evolving labor of love ever since.


As you probably know (or have guessed), I'm a very active member of the Linkin Park community. I can currently be found on the following websites:

Alternate (non-Linkin Park) Youtube
Twitter for Linkin Park-related activities
Twitter for all other activities
Instagram #1 (Primarily my Linkin Park-related account now, although there are a lot of older personal posts on it as well)
Instagram #2 (Newer account for non-Linkin Park stuff)
The Linkin Park Association Park Underground
/r/LinkinPark on Reddit (I post under the username astaten0)
Ultimate-Guitar (I occasionally post Guitar Pro tabs on here)

I'm also a consultant and former webmaster for Green Guitar Project (website currently offline, check them out on Twitter or Instagram). Founded by former Linkin Park guitar tech Sean Paden, GGP aims to make built-to order, eco-friendly guitars (made almost entirely out of reclaimed/recycled wood) available at a modest price. Notable GGP players include Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, Brad Whitford of Aerosmith, and Bobby Schneck (former guitarist in Slash's solo band).

I can be reached via email at either of the following email addresses (I haven't hyperlinked them to cut down on spam):
astat (at)
anthony (at)

As for Facebook...I know my page is relatively easy to find, but I would kindly request that members of the Linkin Park community refrain from adding me unless I happen to send them a request. I rarely post anything Linkin Park-related on my Facebook, and it's generally an aspect of my personal life that I prefer to keep separate from my "LP fandom" life. I keep in touch with a few VERY close friends from the LP community on Facebook, but otherwise I will no longer be accepting any friend requests from LP fans (and have, unfortunately, had to delete and/or block some otherwise well-intentioned fans who didn't get the picture after I repeatedly denied their friend requests and/or ignored their private messages). Seriously you guys, my Facebook is almost nothing but me posting memes and bitching about politics. Get in touch with me at one of the above links if you need to, it's not like there's a shortage of other places to find me.


Without these people, this site either wouldn't exist at all, or it wouldn't have nearly the level of content that it does today...

Linkin Park - For being the inspiration behind the site, and for being kind enough to send me a personalized/autographed guitar for no reason other than thinking I have a cool website (this STILL blows my mind). R.I.P. Chester!

Sean Paden - For being the single most helpful person I've ever met in the Linkin Park camp, and an all-around good friend. Tons of photos and information would never have wound up on here without you!

Ben Young - For filling some big shoes as Brad's guitar tech after Sean's 11-year tenure with the band! We may not have interacted much outside of the occasional Instagram comment volley, but several of your posts have been very insightful.

Ethan Mates - For all of the awesome pictures you've taken in the studio over the years.

Mark Terrell/LPLive - For hosting my guitar tabs, and for being incredibly supportive of all of my projects over the years.

Derek Oswald/The Linkin Park Association - For convincing me to start doing guitar tabs in the first place and sending me on this crazy journey, and for serving as the host for my guitar tabs in the early years.

Jonas Breunig - For constantly giving me heads-ups about guitar-related stuff I may have missed.

Oktavia Palgunadi - For sending me a TON of guitar photos during this site's infancy. I believe most of them have been replaced with better photos by now, but you still had a VERY big hand in getting this site off the ground!

Brennan Percy, Sergey, and Mike (LPCatalog) - While the scope of your site is very different from that of mine, you've still been an awesome resource over the years, and I've occasionally found useful photos/information on LPCatalog. The work you guys do is nothing short of phenomenal.

Drew Gadsby - For going out of your way to try to get guitar photos/videos for me while following the band around North America on tour, and for that epic time you crashed at my house on Projekt Revolution in '08.

Thomas Eger/BlackChester Photography - One of my biggest supporters, AND a guy who does awesome live concert photography that's helped me out a few times.

Ana Alcocer and Zara Penrice (Mike Shinoda Clan) - You guys were my go-to website for photo hunting for many years (WHY DID YOU SHUT DOWN?!). You've helped me a ton, and you've never complained about me using any of your photos, so HUGE thanks to you! - For hosting my website.

Imgur - For coming through for me when Photobucket lost their damn minds and decided to try to charge people $400 a year just to link to their own images. Why I didn't switch to you guys for photo hosting years sooner is beyond me.

My Youtube subscribers/viewers, Twitter/Instagram followers, LP community friends/acquaintances, etc. - For the years of support, and for the COUNTLESS times you've helped me discover something I didn't notice before, whether it be a guitar or something in a tab that needed correcting.