The Guitars of Linkin Park


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Xero - Demo (1997)

Rhinestone      (Studio)
Reading My Eyes (Studio/Live)
Fuse            (Studio)
Stick N Move    (Studio)

*Note: The live version of "Reading My Eyes" refers to the version performed by Linkin Park occasionally in 2006 and 2008. All of these songs were likely performed live by Xero/Hybrid Theory during the band's early days, but no recordings of any live performances from this period exist.

Hybrid Theory EP (1999)

Carousel     (Studio)
Step Up      (Studio/Live)
And One      (Studio/Live)
High Voltage (Studio)
Part of Me   (Studio)

*Note: All of the live versions listed for this EP refer to the versions performed live by Linkin Park from 2000 to 2002. No recordings of live performances by Hybrid Theory prior to the band's name change exist, and the earliest available Linkin Park live recording is from August of 2000. The version of "High Voltage" performed live was the remix version, not the original Hybrid Theory EP version, so it can be found under the "Misc. Linkin Park Songs" section.

Hybrid Theory (2000)

Papercut            (Studio/Live)
One Step Closer     (Studio/Live - 1 Guitar/Live - 2 Guitars)
With You            (Studio/Live)
Points of Authority (Studio/Live)
Crawling            (Studio/Live)
Runaway             (Studio/Live)
By Myself           (Studio/Live)
In the End          (Studio/Live)
A Place for My Head (Studio/Live)
Forgotten           (Studio/Live)
Cure for the Itch   (Transcription)
Pushing Me Away     (Studio/Live)

Reanimation (2002)

PTS.OF.ATHRTY     (Studio)
P5HNG ME A*WY     (Studio/Live)
PLC.4 MIE HD     (Studio)
X-Ecutioner Style (Studio)
H! VLTG3          (Studio)
WTH>YOU           (Studio)
PPR:KUT           (Studio)
RNW@Y             (Studio)
BY_MYSLF          (Studio)
1STP KLOSR        (Studio)
KRWLNG            (Studio)

Meteora (2003)

Don't Stay         (Studio/Live)
Somewhere I Belong (Studio/Live/Live Intros)
Lying from You     (Studio/Live)
Hit the Floor      (Studio/Live)
Easier to Run      (Studio/Live)
Faint              (Studio/Live)
Figure.09          (Studio/Live)
Breaking the Habit (Studio/Live)
From the Inside    (Studio/Live)
Nobody's Listening (Studio/Live)
Session            (Studio)
Numb               (Studio/Live)

Collision Course (2004)

Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying from You           (Studio/Live)
Jigga What/Faint                                (Studio/Live)
Numb/Encore                                     (Studio/Live)
Points of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer (Studio/Live)

Mike Shinoda - MTV Video Music Awards Score (2005)

Teletronic (Studio)
Catharsis  (Studio)
Saturday   (Studio)
Montreal   (Studio)
Selector   (Studio)
A.15       (Studio)
Madison    (Studio - Long Version/Studio - Short Version)

Fort Minor - The Rising Tied (2005)

Remember the Name (Studio)
Right Now         (Studio)
Back Home         (Studio)
Cigarettes        (Studio)
Get Me Gone       (Studio)
Kenji             (Studio)
Red to Black      (Studio)
There They Go     (Studio)

*Note: Fort Minor didn't have a guitarist in their touring band during their original run, so there are no live version tabs for any Fort Minor songs. Mike did play guitar on a couple songs during his "one man band" Fort Minor performances in 2015, which can be found in the "Misc. Fort Minor Songs" section.

Minutes to Midnight (2007)

Wake                            (Studio/Live)
Given Up                        (Studio/Live)
Leave Out All the Rest          (Studio/Live)
Bleed It Out                    (Studio/Live)
Shadow of the Day               (Studio/Live)
What I've Done                  (Studio/Live 1/Live 2)
Hands Held High                 (Studio/Live)
No More Sorrow                  (Studio/Live)
Valentine's Day                 (Studio/Live)
In Between                      (Studio/Live)
In Pieces                       (Studio/Live)
The Little Things Give You Away (Studio/Live)

MMM...COOKIES: Sweet Hamster Like Jewels from America! (2008)

Bubbles         (Studio)
No Laundry      (Studio)
Da Bloos        (Studio)
PB N' Jellyfish (Studio)

Dead By Sunrise - Out of Ashes (2009)

Fire               (Studio/Live)
Crawl Back In      (Studio/Live)
Too Late           (Studio/Live)
Inside of Me       (Studio/Live)
Let Down           (Studio/Live)
Give Me Your Name  (Studio)
My Suffering       (Studio/Live)
Condemned          (Studio/Live)
Into You           (Studio/Live)
End of the World   (Studio/Live)
Walking in Circles (Studio/Live)
In the Darkness    (Studio/Live)

Linkin Park Underground 9: Demos (2009)

A-Six            (Studio)
Faint (Demo)     (Studio)
Fear             (Studio)
Figure.09 (Demo) (Studio)
Across the Line  (Studio)
Drawing          (Studio)
Drum Song        (Studio)

*Note: "A-Six" has never been performed live. However, a portion of "A.06," the shorter piece based on the same composition, has been performed live on occasion. That song can be found in the "Misc. Linkin Park Songs" section.

A Thousand Suns (2010)

Burning in the Skies  (Studio/Live)
When They Come for Me (Studio/Live)
Robot Boy             (Studio)
Jornada del Muerto    (Studio/Live)
Waiting for the End   (Studio/Live)
Blackout              (Studio)
Wretches and Kings    (Studio/Live)
Iridescent            (Studio/Live)
The Catalyst          (Studio/Live)
The Messenger         (Studio/Live)

*Note: The full live version of "Blackout" didn't have any guitar in it. However, the shortened instrumental version performed in 2014-2015 did. That version of the song can be found in the "Live-Only Linkin Park Songs" section.

LP Underground X: Demos (2010)

What We Don't Know                (Studio)
Pale                              (Studio)
Pretend to Be                     (Studio)
What I've Done (M. Shinoda Remix) (Studio)
Halo                              (Studio)

Linkin Park Underground Eleven (2011)

Yo                   (Studio)
Slip                 (Studio)
Soundtrack           (Studio)
In the End (Demo)    (Studio)
Program              (Studio)
Bang Three           (Studio)
Robot Boy (Test Mix) (Studio)
Broken Foot          (Studio)
Esaul                (Studio)
Blue                 (Studio)

*Note: "Slip" was likely performed by Hybrid Theory/Linkin Park in 1999/2000 (it can be seen being rehearsed on Marc Ostrick's "Lockout" episode about Hybrid Theory), but no live recordings of it have ever surfaced, so a live version tab isn't available. Rehearsal footage of the band performing "Esaul" can also be found on the Frat Party at the Pankake Festival DVD, but again, no actual live performances of the song in that early form have surfaced, and the audio quality of the rehearsal footage is far too poor to make a tab from.

Living Things (2012)

LOST IN THE ECHO  (Studio/Live)
IN MY REMAINS     (Studio/Live)
BURN IT DOWN      (Studio/Live)
I'LL BE GONE      (Studio)
CASTLE OF GLASS   (Studio/Live)
VICTIMIZED        (Studio)
TINFOIL           (Studio/Live)
POWERLESS         (Studio)

*Note: The live version of "VICTIMIZED" is not included here, as live performances of that song always came in the form of a mashup with "QWERTY." That tab can be found in the "Live-Only Linkin Park Songs" section.

Linkin Park Underground 12 (2012)

Homecoming                 (Studio)
Points of Authority (Demo) (Studio)
Clarity                    (Studio)
Asbestos                   (Studio)
So Far Away                (Studio)
Pepper                     (Studio)
Debris                     (Studio)
Ominous                    (Studio)
Forgotten (Demo)           (Studio)

Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington - High Rise (2013)

Out of Time        (Studio/Live)
Black Heart        (Studio/Live)
Same on the Inside (Studio)
Cry, Cry           (Studio)
Tomorrow           (Studio)

Recharged (2013)

A Light That Never Comes                     (Studio/Live)
CASTLE OF GLASS (M. Shinoda Remix)           (Studio)
LOST IN THE ECHO (KillSonik Remix)           (Studio)
I'LL BE GONE (Schoolboy Remix)               (Studio)
UNTIL IT BREAKS (Money Mark Headphone Remix) (Studio)

*Note: While the "Castle of Glass Experience" performed live beginning in 2014 largely consists of portions of "CASTLE OF GLASS (M. Shinoda Remix)," it's a significantly different arrangement from both the remix and the original version of the song from Living Things, so it isn't featured in this section. It can be found in the "Live-Only Linkin Park Songs" section instead.

Linkin Park Underground XIII (2013)

Basquiat                        (Studio)
Holding Company                 (Studio)
Primo                           (Studio)
Cumulus                         (Studio)
Pretty Birdy                    (Studio)
Universe                        (Studio)
Apaches                         (Studio)
Foot Patrol                     (Studio)
Three Band Terror               (Studio)
Ryan Giles - Truth Inside a Lie (Studio)
Beta State - Change             (Studio)

*Note: The Ryan Giles/Beta State tracks were from the winners of the LPU Sessions contest, and are not performed by Linkin Park (for the most part - Rob Bourdon plays drums on the Ryan Giles track and Mike Shinoda plays keyboards on the Beta State track).

The Hunting Party (2014)

Keys to the Kingdom (Studio)
All for Nothing     (Studio)
Guilty All the Same (Studio/Live)
The Summoning       (Studio)
War                 (Studio)
Wastelands          (Studio/Live)
Until It's Gone     (Studio/Live)
Rebellion           (Studio/Live)
Mark the Graves     (Studio)
Drawbar             (Studio)
Final Masquerade    (Studio/Live)
A Line in the Sand  (Studio/Live)

Linkin Park Underground XIV (2014)

Aubrey One                (Studio)
Malathion + Tritonus      (Studio)
Blanka                    (Studio)
Heartburn                 (Studio)
Breaking the Habit (Demo) (Studio)
Froctagon                 (Studio)
Rhinocerous               (Studio)
After Canada              (Studio)

Mall: Music from the Motion Picture (2014)

White Noise                     (Studio)
Jeff Makes Observations         (Studio)
It Goes Through                 (Studio)
Jeff Philosophies to Donna      (Studio)
Adele and Danny in the Backseat (Studio)
Devil's Drop                    (Studio)
The Last Line                   (Studio)
Danny Goes Home                 (Studio)
Dancer (Instrumental)           (Studio)

*Note: Several other songs on this soundtrack, such as "Cops Arrive," feature various samples of guitar feedback, but I've elected to omit those and limit this list to songs that contain "conventional" guitar parts. "Devil's Drop" was performed live by Mike Shinoda during his Fort Minor "one man band" shows in 2015, but since those shows were billed under the Fort Minor name, I've listed the live version of that song in the Misc. Fort Minor Songs section rather than this one.

Linkin Park Underground 15 (2015)

Animals        (Studio)
Chance of Rain (Studio)
TooLeGit       (Studio)
Grudgematch    (Studio)
Hurry          (Studio)
Attached       (Studio)

Linkin Park Underground Sixteen (2016)

The Catalyst (Demo)         (Studio)
Can't Hurt Me               (Studio)
Air Force One               (Studio)
Bleed It Out (Demo)         (Studio)
Consequence A               (Studio)
Consequence B               (Studio)
Symphonies of Light Reprise (Studio)

One More Light (2017)

Nobody Can Save Me (Studio/Live)
Good Goodbye       (Studio
Talking to Myself  (Studio/Live)

Battle Symphony    (Studio
Invisible          (Studio/Live)
Heavy              (Studio/Live)
Sorry for Now      (Studio)
Halfway Right      (Studio)
One More Light     (Studio/Live)
Sharp Edges        (Studio/Live)

Mike Shinoda - Post Traumatic EP (2018)

Place to Start     (Studio)
Over Again         (Studio)
Watching as I Fall (Studio)

Misc. Linkin Park Songs

A.06                                        (Studio/Live)
Across the Line (Alternate Mix)             (Studio)
Announcement Service Public                 (Studio)
Blackbirds                                  (Studio)
Blackout (Renholder Remix)                  (Studio)
Bruiser                                     (Studio)
Buy Myself Remix                            (Studio)
Change                                      (Studio)
Closing                                     (Studio)
Dawn                                        (Studio)
Dedicated                                   (Studio)
Fiends                                      (Studio)
Final Masquerade (Acoustic)                 (Studio/Live)
Fuel                                        (Studio)
Heavy (Disero Remix)                        (Studio)
High Voltage (Remix)                        (Studio/Live)
Iridescent (Energy Up Version)              (Studio/Live)
Issho Ni                                    (Studio)
L.O.A.T.R. (M. Shinoda Remix)               (Studio)
Little Boxes                                (Studio)
Lockjaw                                     (Studio)
My December                                 (Studio/Live)
New Divide                                  (Studio/Live)
No Roads Left                               (Studio)
Not Alone                                   (Studio)
Now I See                                   (Studio)
One Step Closer (The Humble Brothers Remix) (Studio)
Points of Authority (Crystal Method Remix)  (Studio)
QWERTY                                      (Studio/Live)
Shadow of the Day (Alternate Mix)           (Studio)
She Couldn't                                (Studio)
Sold My Soul to Yo Mama                     (Studio)
Standing in the Middle                      (Studio)
What I've Done (Distorted Remix)            (Studio)

*Note: This section includes several songs that are attributed to Linkin Park's previous band names Xero ("Closing" and "Fiends") and Hybrid Theory ("Now I See" and "She Couldn't")

Live-Only Linkin Park Songs

Be Yourself
Blackout (Instrumental Version)
Castle of Glass Experience
Jane Says (Jane's Addiction Cover, Acoustic)
Leave Out All the Rest (Acoustic)
Leave Out All the Rest/Shadow of the Day/Iridescent (Medley)
Lying from You/Papercut (Medley)
Mashup Intro #1
Morning After (Acoustic)
My Own Summer (Deftones Cover)
Public Service Announcement
Rolling in the Deep (Adele Cover, Acoustic)
So Fresh, So Clean (Outkast Cover)
Step Up/Nobody's Listening/It's Goin' Down (Medley)
The Little Things Give You Away (Acoustic)
Wake 2.0
Wish (Nine Inch Nails Cover)

Misc. Fort Minor Songs

Cover and Duck              (Studio)
Devil's Drop                (Live)
Do What We Did              (Studio)
Dolla                       (Live)
Spraypaint & Inkpens        (Studio)
Strange Things              (Studio)
Tools of the Trade          (Studio)
Where'd You Go? (BBB Remix) (Studio)
Where'd You Go? (SOB Remix) (Studio)

*Note* While not being a Fort Minor song, Mike performed "Devil's Drop" during his "one man band" Fort Minor performances in 2015, which is why it's listed here rather than in the Mall Soundtrack section.

Misc. Dead By Sunrise Songs

20 Eyes (Misfits Cover)        (Live)
Let Down (Acoustic)            (Live)
Morning After                  (Studio/Live)
Morning After (Acoustic)       (Live)
Morning After (Julien-K Remix) (Studio)

Other Linkin Park-Related Songs

Apathy - Shoot First                                                                (Studio)
Busta Rhymes - We Made It                                                           (Studio/Live)
Chris Cornell - Hunger Strike (feat. Chester Bennington)                            (Live)
Cyclefly - Karma Killer                                                             (Studio)
Cypress Hill - Carry Me Away                                                        (Studio)
DJ Lethal - Cry to Yourself                                                         (Studio)
DJ Z-Trip - Walking Dead                                                            (Studio)
Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence '04                                                (Studio)
Good Charlotte - The Young and the Hopeless (Remixed by Mr. Hahn)                   (Studio)
Handsome Boy Modeling School - Rock and Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like This) Part 2 (Studio)
Jonathan Davis - System                                                             (Studio)
Julien-K - Death to Analog (Mike Shinoda Remix)                                     (Studio)
Kenna - Never Let Me Down                                                           (Studio)
Lupe Fiasco - Resurrection                                                          (Studio)
Lupe Fiasco - The Instrumental                                                      (Studio)
Metric - Gold Guns Girls (Mike Shinoda Remix)                                       (Studio)
Mike Shinoda - Theme from This is Life With Lisa Ling                               (Studio)
Mike Shinoda - Theme from Into the Badlands                                         (Studio)
Mike Shinoda - Theme from A Woman's Job                                             (Studio)
Mtley Cre - Home Sweet Home (feat. Chester Bennington)                            (Studio)
ONE OK ROCK - One Way Ticket                                                        (Studio)
Ramin Djawadi/Mike Shinoda - Saa'iq                                                 (Studio)
Santana - Riders on the Storm (feat. Chester Bennington and Ray Manzarek)           (Studio)
Steve Aoki - Darker Than Blood                                                      (Studio)
Steve Jablonsky - Nest                                                              (Studio)
Stone Temple Pilots - Wonderful (feat. Chester Bennington)                          (Live)
Styles of Beyond - Hard (Mike Shinoda Remix)                                        (Studio)
Styles of Beyond - Second to None                                                   (Studio)
Styles of Beyond - You Cannot Fuck With This                                        (Studio)
Sun Never Sets - Not Giving Up                                                      (Studio)
The Lonely Island - Things in My Jeep                                               (Studio)
The Visionaries - Unreleased                                                        (Studio)
White Pegacorn - Barack Your World                                                  (Studio)
X-Ecutioners - It's Goin' Down                                                      (Studio/Live)
Young Buck - Slow Ya Roll                                                           (Studio)

*Note: Live versions listed for "We Made It" and "It's Goin' Down" refer to performances by Linkin Park.

Other Bands/Misc.

Anthony Staten - Ace of Spades                   (Studio)
Anthony Staten - Desert Bloom (Demo)             (Studio)
Anthony Staten - Purple Haze (Demo)              (Studio)
Astat and GigaScythe - In Pieces                 (Studio)
Felonie Cassette - Eulogy for an Orgatron (Demo) (Studio)
Felonie Cassette - Frankenstein                  (Studio)
Felonie Cassette - I'll Stay Here                (Studio)
Felonie Cassette - Kissed a Cadaver              (Studio)
Felonie Cassette - The Corporeal Haunting        (Studio)
Spiritfall - My Reason                           (Studio)

Leave Out All the Rest (Drum Tab)                (Studio)
LOST IN THE ECHO (A. Staten Remix)               (Studio)
ROADS UNTRAVELED (Reflectionist Remix)           (Studio)
The Catalyst (A. Staten Remix)                   (Studio)