The Guitars of Linkin Park

Misc. Guitars

This is a page for guitars that are still related to Linkin Park, but either belong to members of the band other than Brad, Mike, or Chester (I won't include Phoenix's basses here, as I'm not very good at keeping track of them, but I will include guitars that Phoenix has played over the years!), or can't be attributed to a particular member (usually guitars seen in studio photos/videos).

 photo misc11.jpg
Brand: Paul Reed Smith (PRS)
Model: 2001 Santana SE
Finish: Vintage Cherry
Years Used: 2001-2002 (Tour bus/studio)
Special Features: Fixed bridge
Current Status: Unknown
Notes: Phoenix is seen recording guitar tracks in the back of the band's tour bus with this guitar near the beginning of the Making of Meteora DVD. This is actually a first-year Santana SE (2001 was also the first year of the SE line), as the guitar's specs were overhauled the following year. The 2001 model has no pickguard, covered pickups, and no binding on the neck. This guitar was offered in both fixed bridge and tremolo versions, this one has a fixed bridge.
Photo Credit: The Linkin Park Association

 photo misc01.png
Brand: Ibanez
Model: RG470XL
Finish: Black Pearl
Years Used: 2004
Multiple Copies: 4
Special Features: Unknown DiMarzio bridge pickup
Current Status: Sold at auction (#1 and #2)/Donated, on display (Hard Rock Cafe - Denver, CO) (#3)/Unknown (#4)
Notes: Phoenix and Brad routinely swapped instruments to play "Nobody's Listening" on the U.S. leg of the Meteora World Tour in early 2004.

 photo misc02.jpg
Brand: Dean
Model: Unknown (ML series)
Finish: Unknown
Years Used: 2006 (Charity auction)
Special Features: Custom artwork by Joe Hahn
Current Status: Sold at auction
Notes: Joe painted this guitar for the 2006 "Six-Sting Masterpieces" exhibit/auction, which Chester also took part in (see Chester's section for pictures of the guitar he painted). Just like Chester's guitar, this guitar has been listed on eBay several times in the years since the original auction.

 photo misc03.png
Brand: Paul Reed Smith (PRS)
Model: Custom 24
Finish: Unknown (Cherry Sunburst?)
Years Used: 2006-Present (Studio)
Special Features: Bird inlays
Current Status: Studio use (Phoenix's home studio)
Notes: This guitar can be seen hanging on the wall at Phoenix's house in one of the 2007 LPTV episodes. It looks very similar to Brad's sunburst PRS from the Hybrid Theory/Meteora era, but it's probably not the same guitar (as mentioned on Brad's page, that guitar sustained severe damage that caused it to be retired in 2004). Phoenix may have had this guitar prior to 2006, but this is the only time its ever been photographed as far as I know. Phoenix apparently still has this guitar at home.

 photo misc04.jpg
Brand: Gold Tone
Model: Unknown ("Banjitar" - either a GT-500 or GT-750)
Finish: Natural Gloss
Years Used: 2006-2007 (Studio)
Current Status: Unknown
Notes: I finally figured out the manufacturer of this one! It's definitely one of the two Gold Tone GT series "Banjitar" models. This was used in the studio during the Minutes to Midnight recording sessions. Specifically, it was one of numerous instruments the band experimented with on the intro to "Shadow of the Day." The banjo didn't end up being used on the final recording, however. Not sure which member of the band actually used the banjo during the recording sessions, hence why it's in the "Misc." section. Also, if you're wondering what a "banjitar" is, it's basically a banjo with 6 strings on it that's tuned in fourths, like a regular guitar. A "traditional" banjo has 4 or 5 strings, and is either tuned in fifths, or to an open tuning (most commonly open G). The "banjitar" was invented as a means for guitar players to play a banjo without having to learn new chord shapes.
Photo Credit: Mike Shinoda

 photo misc18.png  photo misc17.png
Brand: Takamine
Model: Unknown acoustic-electric guitar
Finish: Natural Gloss
Years Used: 2007-Present
Multiple Copies: 6
Current Status: Active touring use (Backstage guitars)
Notes: These guitars are well-documented on all three of the other "main" members' pages, but I wanted to make note that the band's "communal" Takamine acoustic guitars aren't just limited to being used by Brad, Mike, and Chester - Phoenix and Joe routinely pick them up when the band's jamming backstage as well. Both of these photos come from the Mercedes "50 Years of AMG" video on Youtube, and while they're recent 2017 photos, I know for a fact the guys in the band have all played around with these guitars since they were acquired in 2007, so I backdated the "years used" description to that point even though I didn't add this entry to the site until 2017.
Photo Credit: Mercedes AMG

 photo misc05.png
Brand: Paul Reed Smith (PRS)
Model: Various
Finish: Various
Years Used: 2007-2011
Current Status: Various
Notes: This entry is a "catch-all" for guitars Phoenix used on stage for performances of "Hands Held High" (2007-2008) and "Leave Out All the Rest" (2007-2011). He used various guitars for these songs, but they were always PRS guitars from Mike or Brad's rigs. The guitar pictured here is Mike's Satin Vintage Mahogany Standard 22 seen on the Road to Revolution DVD. Other guitars that I'm aware of Phoenix using on stage are Brad's red Custom 24 (the one currently in Eb tuning in the C rig), Mike's Royal Blue Custom 24 that he later painted skulls on, and Mike's Tortoise Shell CE 24.

 photo misc06-1.jpg  photo misc06-2.jpg
Brand: Paul Reed Smith (PRS)
Model: SE Custom 24
Finish: Cherry Sunburst
Years Used: 2010 (Studio), 2011 (Donated)
Special Features: Signed by band (2011)
Current Status: Donated/On display (Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas)
Notes: This guitar initially showed up in a 2010 studio photo during the making of A Thousand Suns (first photo), but it appeared to be sitting with some other band-related merchandise, as if it was something the band planned on signing/giving away. It was ultimately donated to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas the following year as part of a small Linkin Park exhibit (second photo).
Photo Credit: Mike Shinoda (First photo)

 photo misc07.jpg
Brand: Starr Labs
Model: Ztar (Custom)
Finish: Black
Years Used: 2011-2012, 2014-2015
Current Status: Unknown
Notes: Phoenix used this instrument for performances of "Blackout" starting in June of 2011 (he used an Akai MPC for performances of the song prior to that). "Blackout" doesn't feature any "real" bass, so Phoenix plays the synth bass parts using a custom-built Ztar, which is a guitar-shaped MIDI controller. This instrument was also used for performances of the shortened instrumental version of "Blackout" in 2014 and 2015. Given that this was a custom instrument and a pretty high-tech one at that, I'd imagine Phoenix still has it, but I really can't be sure, since it was never used for anything other than that one song.
Photo Credit: Mike Shinoda

 photo misc08.png
Brand: Takamine
Model: EF325SRC
Finish: Cherry
Years Used: 2013 (One show)
Current Status: Unknown
Notes: Phoenix used this guitar to perform "The Messenger" with Chester at a benefit in Salt Lake City in June of 2013. This is actually a fairly rare '90s model Takamine guitar with a somewhat "non-traditional" inlay layout - there's no inlay at the 3rd fret, and the 7th fret inlay is doubled just like the 12th.

 photo misc09.jpg
Brand: Fender
Model: Jazzmaster
Finish: Candy Apple Red
Years Used: 2013 (Studio)
Current Status: Unknown
Notes: This is a vintage Jazzmaster (likely a mid-'60s model) that suffered an unfortunate accident in the studio in 2013! Mike posted this picture on his Instagram showing the damage, looks like the poor thing fell over and the entire pickguard assembly popped out! Not sure who this guitar belongs to, Ethan Mates owns a couple Jazzmasters, so it might be one of his. Warren Willis (another studio engineer/Joe's DJ tech) posted a different photo of the damage on his Instagram page as well, so it could also be his guitar. I'm assuming this guitar was repaired.
Photo Credit: Mike Shinoda

 photo misc10.png
Brand: Gibson
Model: 1978 SG Standard
Finish: Walnut
Years Used: 2013-2016 (Studio)
Current Status: Owned by Ethan Mates
Notes: In the background of this screenshot from one of Mike's Instagram videos, you can see a vintage SG (easily identifiable by the long-discontinued Walnut finish combined with the smaller-style pickguard). This is actually a 1978 SG Standard that's owned by studio engineer Ethan Mates, and it was used by both Brad and Mike during various studio sessions beginning in 2013 (This guitar is also on Brad's page - the only reason it's also still on this page is because I haven't found a photo of Mike playing it).

 photo misc12.jpg
Brand: Teisco Del Rey
Model: ET-220 Spectrum 2
Finish: Royal Blue
Years Used: 2013-2014 (Studio)
Special Features: Vine accents on pickguard
Current Status: Owned by Ethan Mates
Notes: While it can't be seen very easily in this picture, the third guitar in the rack here is a VERY unusual mid-60's Teisco model. There were numerous variants of the "Spectrum" line, this one has 2 pickups and a "Bigsby-style" vibrato tailpiece. This guitar also has more extensive "vine work" on the pickguard than I've seen on most other Spectrum 2's from this era, so this one may be an even more unusual model. This guitar can be seen better in photos on Ethan Mates' Instagram page.
Photo Credit: Linkin Park

 photo misc13-1.jpg  photo misc13-2.jpg
Brand: Fender
Model: 1973 Mustang
Finish: Competition Blue
Years Used: 2013-2016 (Studio)
Special Features: White "racing stripes"
Current Status: Owned by Ethan Mates
Notes: The fourth guitar in the rack (first photo) is a blue Fender Mustang with racing stripes (not the Kurt Cobain model, this one doesn't have a humbucker in the bridge). This guitar can be seen better in photos on Ethan Mates' Instagram page, and was dated as a 1973 Mustang in a 2014 interview with Premier Guitar. This guitar made another appearance in a late 2016 studio photo, sitting on a stand next to Mike (second photo), so this one's actually stuck around for the making of two consecutive albums.
Photo Credit: Linkin Park

 photo misc14.jpg
Brand: MJT Guitars
Model: VTT
Finish: Daphne Blue
Years Used: 2013-2016 (Studio)
Current Status: Owned by Ethan Mates
Notes: This is basically a Telecaster copy built by MJT Guitars (a company that specializes in custom finishes on made-to-order guitars). This guitar was used in the studio during the recording of The Hunting Party, as well as sessions for One More Light in 2016.
Photo Credit: Ethan Mates

 photo misc15.png
Brand: Fender
Model: Unknown (Stratocaster)
Finish: Black
Years Used: 2013-Present (Studio)
Current Status: Studio use (Joe's home studio)
Notes: This is one of 3 guitars Joe has at his home studio (the others being a Takamine acoustic that can be seen on Chester's page, and a PRS that I don't currently have a photo of). Joe actually DOES play guitar a little bit (I've even personally seen him messing around on an acoustic guitar at an LPU Meet & Greet), so I'd assume he keeps a few around for rough demo ideas, or for occasions when the band is recording at his house.

 photo misc16.jpg
Brand: Martin
Model: Unknown
Finish: Unknown (Natural)
Years Used: 2016 (Studio)
Current Status: Unknown
Notes: Phoenix was photographed with this acoustic guitar in the studio in 2016, it's a Martin that's been seen in the hands of a couple other band members in the studio recently (see Brad and Chester's pages).
Photo Credit: Linkin Park

 photo misc19.png
Brand: Gibson
Model: SG Standard (Early '90s model)
Finish: Ebony
Years Used: 2017-Present
Current Status: Active touring use (A Rig - D A D G B E guitar)
Notes: When the full version of "Leave Out All the Rest" returned to the live show in 2017, Phoenix once again played rhythm guitar instead of bass on it. The band also started playing it in Drop D instead of tuned down half a step like they had in the past. As such, Phoenix took to using Mike's Gibson SG's on the song. Here he is using his black SG Standard in the A rig.
Photo Credit: Vorterix

 photo misc21.png
Brand: Gibson
Model: SG Special
Finish: Ferrari Red
Years Used: 2017-Present
Current Status: Active touring use (B Rig - D A D G B E guitar)
Notes: Here's Phoenix using Mike's red SG Special on "Leave Out All the Rest" in the B rig.
Photo Credit: iHeartRadio

 photo misc20.png
Brand: Gibson
Model: SG Special
Finish: Ebony
Years Used: 2017-Present
Current Status: Active touring use (C Rig - D A D G B E guitar)
Notes: Here's Phoenix using Mike's black SG Special on "Leave Out All the Rest" in the C rig.