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Re: Photo Hosting

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It has come to my attention that Photobucket has recently started blocking photo access for anyone running an adblocker. A personal policy of mine is that I will not, under any circumstances, do business with (or even knowingly use) a website that does this. I wholeheartedly believe in the rights of Internet users to customize their preferred web browser as they see fit without having their browsing experience restricted in any manner, and anyone with basic knowledge of web-based monetization formats knows that there's very little money to be had in digital ad revenue anyway. Go ahead and run ads if you really feel like there's something to gain from it, but don't force them upon people as a requirement for using your website. As a result of this, Photobucket is losing a customer who has been with them for 12 years, and I'm currently exploring other options for photo hosting. I apologize to anyone affected by this.


6/14: Various Updates + Announcement!

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I've got a few things to announce today! First of all, while I'm not calling it a "Youtube cover of the week," per se, I did upload an updated cover of Lies Greed Misery over the weekend. I redid this one to fix some editing issues with my first attempt, plus I added my favorite compressor plugin in the effects chain. This was a quick one since I was busy all weekend...recording something more substantial for this weekend!

Second, some guitar updates:

-I thought Brad was carrying 3 Strats in each rig on this tour, but he's actually only carrying 2 - the Strat he has in standard tuning for One More Light/Talking to Myself also serves as his backup guitar, as evidenced by him using his Rory Gallagher Strat on some Drop D-tuned songs on the current European tour, even though they're using the A rig for this tour and he's also been seen using his pink Strat.
-As a result of the above information, I've realized that the purple Time Machine Strat and sunburst Road Worn Strat have actually not been brought back into active duty, like I previously thought. I've updated entries on those guitars to reflect this.
-Also, since Brad's using the Inca Silver Strat as his backup in the C rig, that means he's actually only using 2 of the Rory Gallagher Strats now, strangely enough.
-Brad also has a new Martin acoustic/electric that he's using for performances of Sharp Edges, but I haven't found a particularly good photo of it yet - I'll add it to the site as soon as I do!
-As I predicted, Chester did end up adding that plum-colored D'Angelico Deluxe DC to his arsenal, it's his A rig guitar now (the red Premier DC is now exclusively in the C rig).

Lastly, a rare personal announcement...while many of you have probably seen this on my various social media accounts already, I'm excited to say that my wife (who I met on the LPU) is 10 weeks pregnant with our first child! Mike Shinoda even gave us a little shout-out on Twitter earlier, which immediately blew my phone up with push notifications, haha.


5/14: Tabs Update/Minutes to Midnight Anniversary

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Hey guys! Got back from tour Friday night, things went extremely well - we ended up playing 14 shows in 5 days, no big deal. Anyway, first order of business is that I've completely redone my tab for Battle Symphony after listening to the instrumental version more closely (it hasn't been officially released, but it's out there...), as well as picking up on some stuff from the live version. Still may not be PERFECT, but it's a vast improvement from the original! I also added entries for Invisible, Talking to Myself, and One More Light, although they haven't been tabbed yet. I'll see if I can get Invisible done before the album comes out later this week, and of course the other two have only been played live so far.

I'm getting a pretty good idea of what guitars are being used on this touring cycle, the A rig was used for 3 of the 4 shows on the recent South American tour, and the C rig was used for the show in Lima. I'm guessing the B rig will make its first appearance in Europe next month...still not a lot of new stuff to report, but there are a few guitars that have been shifted around, so I'll be keeping an eye out and once I've seen all 3 rigs' current status, I'll make the appropriate updates to the site.

Lastly, a lot of fansites are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Minutes to Midnight today...I live in the U.S., so that anniversary technically isn't until tomorrow for me. I'm going to be covering a song I haven't played in a pretty long time tomorrow in celebration...hope you all enjoy it!


5/7: Pre-Tour Update

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So I'm leaving on tour tomorrow, and of course it's right when things are REALLY getting exciting in the LP world! Ahh well, things happen. Anyway, got a lot to cover here, so bear with me:

-Youtube update: All blocked videos are now taken care of, as I re-uploaded Breaking the Habit and The Catalyst as isolated tracks over the past week. I also re-uploaded Figure.09 as an isolated track, as previously mentioned. I have one more isolated track version of a previously-uploaded song coming out Tuesday night, then once I get back from touring next week I'll be jumping right into doing a bunch of Strat songs. Speaking of the whole isolated track thing, the results from my Twitter poll are in, and by a margin of 59% to 41%, people voted that they prefer when I keep the song audio mixed with my guitar track. That also happens to be my preferred method of doing things too, so I'll be going back to that as my default for future uploads. However, in cases where a song gets blocked, I'll obviously re-upload it as an isolated track, and I'll also do isolated tracks in instances where I'm re-uploading a song for "minor" reasons, such as re-amping or doing other small edits to a previous guitar track without actually re-recording anything.

-Tabs update: I've made some pretty significant updates to my tab for Good Goodbye over the past few days, and I'm pretty sure it's correct now. After seeing Battle Symphony performed live with the full band for the first time last night, I also realize I have some changes to make to that tab as well, but I won't be able to do so until I get back from touring. I'm not going to attempt to tab Talking to Myself based on the live version at this point, as it's already known that some of the stuff Brad plays on electric guitar live is acoustic guitar on the album version of that song.

-Guitars update: I don't have a lot of stuff that needs to be added to the site so far with new guitars, but there was one grey PRS I hadn't seen before in the recent Youtube video where Brad and Benjamin went through part of Brad's guitar collection, so I need to add that, and I also need to make note of Brad using Chester's D'Angelico hollowbody during rehearsals only for Chester to end up using it for Battle Symphony on tour. Also, the new version of Leave Out All the Rest is being played in Drop D instead of Drop Db like the album version was, and Phoenix is playing the rhythm parts with Mike's Gibson SG now, instead of using PRS guitars like he did for past performances. I also need to make note that Brad's Rory Gallagher Strat is now tuned to standard tuning with a capo on the 5th fret for use on Talking to Myself.

-How about that tour, anyway? Here's the gist of it: Thank You Pizza is doing a five-day tour around Minnesota as part of McNally Smith College of Music's community outreach programs with various schools. As such, these aren't gigs at public venues, so it's probably for the best if I don't advertise them and give the wrong impression. When we were initially doing tour planning we thought it would be a mix of school gigs and public gigs, but things just didn't work out that way. Regardless, it's going to be a lot of fun, and if you follow my non-Linkin Park Instagram account (statenmusic), I'll be posting some updates throughout the tour.

This is going to be the beginning of a VERY productive period for me! I love when things get exciting.


3/28: Youtube Happenings, Pt. 3/Other Misc. Stuff

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Yet another update on recent happenings...

-Both parts of Faint have been re-uploaded as isolated tracks.
-Hands Held High has been re-uploaded as an isolated track as well, and is a newly-recorded version.
-Re-recorded versions of Breaking the Habit and Crawling are next on the to-do list.
-Figure.09 has been re-mixed audio-wise, I ended up reusing the majority of the guitar track from my previous upload and tweaking a few small parts with overdubs. Haven't filmed the video yet, but that will be done soon.
-No word yet from my guitar tech Mike on when I'm getting my Strat back, but when I do, The Catalyst will be the first thing I re-record, that way I'll hopefully have all of these blocked videos behind me.
-Strat songs. SO MANY STRAT SONGS! A bunch of stuff from Minutes to Midnight onwards that I've been neglecting for quite a while will be coming up as soon as I get my Strat back. This will consist of a mix of re-recordings and new material.

"Big" recording projects at the moment (in order of importance):

-Working on an original song that will probably end up on my second Youtube channel at some point.
-Re-recording my old LPU Sessions original song, Desert Bloom (the original will stay on my LP-related channel, but I'll put the new version on my second channel).
-Cure for the Itch cover/"guitar remix"
-Prep work for some studio recordings with one of my bands.

Other music-related news involving me:

-I'm going on a short tour with one of my school ensembles the second week in May. Right now it sounds like we'll primarily be staying in Minnesota (lots of community outreach performances at high schools - we're doing up to three shows a day!), but we may have some gigs in Wisconsin/Iowa as well. I'll probably be documenting some of the tour on my second Youtube channel, and I'll be posting more info as I learn about it.
-Speaking of school, unless something drastic happens, I'll be graduating with an AAS in Guitar Performance in the fall of this year. I'd like to go back and complete a bachelor's degree in the future, but for now, this is what I'm logistically able to do. McNally Smith has definitely been a rewarding experience for me! I've been archiving a lot of footage from my ensemble performances during my time at school, and I'll probably post highlights on Youtube at some point.

When did I become so busy?!