The Guitars of Linkin Park


8/16: A Tribute to Chester/The Future

Posted on August 16, 2017 at 10:25 PM Comments comments (3)

I apologize for not updating the site over the past few weeks...I'm sure you guys understand why. I've spent the majority of my time since July 20th working on this, as I felt like I had to do SOMETHING in honor of a guy who's been a huge part of my musical life. This is largely based on the 2017 live version of Leave Out All the Rest, with some additional elements from the studio version added back into the mix, along with an extended piano intro (from the "Ballad Medley" with Leave Out All the Rest, Shadow of the Day, and Iridescent), and an extended outro/guitar solo. I did everything on this - guitar, bass, and vocals, and all of the synths, piano, and drums were programmed in Stagelight. I wanted to make the video all about Chester, so I found a bunch of my favorite live photos of him from over the years and kept footage of me to a minimum. I hope you guys like it!

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As for the future of both this website and my Youtube projects...I definitely plan to keep working on them to some extent. I'll at least finish getting all of the guitar photos migrated over to new hosting, and I'll continue updating the tabs archive periodically. With the very likely possibility that Linkin Park may be "done," it saddens me to think that this is a project that might one day be completely finished. I'm moving again at the end of the month, so I'm not in a rush to record more Youtube covers, but once I'm settled in at my new place, I'll consider it. Immersing myself in Linkin Park-related music is a lot more emotionally challenging and a lot less fun than it was a few weeks ago, so I'm not particularly excited to jump back into things at the moment (I always told myself this would be something I'd keep doing for as long as it' was fun for me). I anticipate that with time, I'll get back into it, but for now, I'm not going to emotionally torture myself just to post another guitar cover or whatever. I'll still be an active member of the community though, as the mutual support I've seen from the LP fan community over the past few weeks has been overwhelmingly helpful. If anybody needs someone to talk to, I'm more than willing to be there. You know where to find me!

Stay strong, everyone. We'll all get through this.


6/14: Various Updates + Announcement!

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I've got a few things to announce today! First of all, while I'm not calling it a "Youtube cover of the week," per se, I did upload an updated cover of Lies Greed Misery over the weekend. I redid this one to fix some editing issues with my first attempt, plus I added my favorite compressor plugin in the effects chain. This was a quick one since I was busy all weekend...recording something more substantial for this weekend!

Second, some guitar updates:

-I thought Brad was carrying 3 Strats in each rig on this tour, but he's actually only carrying 2 - the Strat he has in standard tuning for One More Light/Talking to Myself also serves as his backup guitar, as evidenced by him using his Rory Gallagher Strat on some Drop D-tuned songs on the current European tour, even though they're using the A rig for this tour and he's also been seen using his pink Strat.
-As a result of the above information, I've realized that the purple Time Machine Strat and sunburst Road Worn Strat have actually not been brought back into active duty, like I previously thought. I've updated entries on those guitars to reflect this.
-Also, since Brad's using the Inca Silver Strat as his backup in the C rig, that means he's actually only using 2 of the Rory Gallagher Strats now, strangely enough.
-Brad also has a new Martin acoustic/electric that he's using for performances of Sharp Edges, but I haven't found a particularly good photo of it yet - I'll add it to the site as soon as I do!
-As I predicted, Chester did end up adding that plum-colored D'Angelico Deluxe DC to his arsenal, it's his A rig guitar now (the red Premier DC is now exclusively in the C rig).

Lastly, a rare personal announcement...while many of you have probably seen this on my various social media accounts already, I'm excited to say that my wife (who I met on the LPU) is 10 weeks pregnant with our first child! Mike Shinoda even gave us a little shout-out on Twitter earlier, which immediately blew my phone up with push notifications, haha.


Youtube Cover of the Week (6/5): Invisible + New Chester Guitar

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Posting Monday's cover of the week on Tuesday because I had a gig this weekend and got a late start on recording, just got the videos up a couple hours ago! I tackled another new song this week, this time it's the pretty light-on-guitar Invisible...I threw in an improvised solo in the first video for the hell of it. I like to remind people (myself included) that I'm actually sort of a competent lead guitarist when I want to be. I'm not paying nearly 30 grand a year to go to music school and NOT know how to improvise!

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I also added a new guitar to Chester's page, it's an MJT Guitars Telecaster copy that the band has been using in the studio since 2013, which was already on the Misc. Guitars page.

Probably going to step back and do an older song for next week's cover, and I'm also working on tabbing Talking to Myself as I type this.


6/1: Big Guitars Update!

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As promised, here's my biggest guitars update in several years! You may have seen some of the new stuff periodically added to the website over the past few days (I didn't add everything all at once), but it's officially done now. Here are some of the highlights:

-All "active touring use" guitars have been updated, and are current as of the iHeartRadio album release show on May 22nd. Some guitars have changed rigs/tunings, some are no longer in use as of this tour, and some have returned after absences. I'll admit that I'm making educated guesses on a few of the backup guitars (particularly for Brad), but I'm fairly confident that all of this information is correct.

-New Brad stuff: A Jazzmaster from the One More Light recording sessions, a new backup PRS that I'd never seen before, and a couple oddities - one of Chester's D'Angelico guitars (from rehearsals), and a random acoustic guitar from a promo performance in New York.

-New Mike stuff: Nothing! Mike's guitar arsenal doesn't seem to have changed at all for this album, other than a few guitars being moved around.

-New Chester stuff: Chester is now a D'Angelico Guitars artist, and is playing two (soon to be three, probably) of their DC models on tour for "Battle Symphony." There's also a random Tanglewood acoustic guitar he's been seen with a couple times recently.

-New Misc. Guitars stuff: "Leave Out All the Rest" is back in the set for the first time in several years, and Phoenix is now playing Mike's SG's on it! There are also new pictures of Phoenix and Joe playing Takamine acoustic guitars.

Now that this is out of the way, back to tabbing and recording. Yaaaaaay!


7/11: New Chester Guitar/Tab Updates

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Hey guys...sorry for the lack of Youtube uploads the last couple weekends. Midterm exams were two weeks ago and I didn't have time to record, and one of my good friends passed away unexpectedly this past Thursday, so I kind of lost the motivation to do much over the weekend. I did have time to do a little bit of other stuff though...first of all, we have a new guitar in Chester's section, which he played on the streets of Beijing during an impromptu performance earlier this month:

Second, I made a pretty significant tabs update today! Most notably, I tabbed the three Fort Minor Militia songs with guitar in them (Do What We Did, Strange Things, and Tools of the Trade), which can be found HERE (individual links are on the Tabs page, under the "Misc. Fort Minor Songs" section). Also, I got a tip that Mike actually started using Fender Stratocasters during the Fort Minor period, which actually makes a lot of sense now that I think about how some of those guitar tones sounded...I updated guitar info in a few Fort Minor songs to reflect this, and I also made a note in my tabs for Clarity and Basquiat that those songs bear the unusual distinction of being Linkin Park demos recorded with Strats that are also tuned down half a step - Mike was still tuning down half a step during the Fort Minor period, so his earliest Minutes to Midnight demos were also tuned that way, even the ones that used Strats. The decision to try "tuning up" was something the full band made a little bit later in the writing process for that album.

Anyway, I should be getting a significant amount of recording done this week...although at least part of it will be for a project that doesn't directly involve my Youtube channel. Regardless, I promise I'll have SOMETHING for you this weekend, even if I don't necessarily catch up on the two weeks that I've missed.